Fabrika's new cocktails

By I-S MagazineEvents - 11 August 2011 4:25 PM | Updated 4:48 PM

Fabrika's new cocktails

Lofty between-floors bar Fabrika has launched two new cocktail ranges—Ice Spheres and the Fresh Fruit Series.

The Ice Sphere range is innovative to say the least; they’re cocktails like Cosmopolitans and Apple Mint Martinis ($16-$24) served with frozen balls (ahem) of fruit juice instead of ice cubes. The result is a drink that doesn’t get diluted and instead gets fruitier as you nurse it.

The Fresh Fruit Series on the other hand makes an effort to meet your daily vitamin C requirements with a hefty serving of, well, fresh fruits with each cocktail. The Luscious Strawberry ($25), Berritini ($25) and the Bellini Luxury ($28) are our picks.

An “extended mix” of a classic, the Really Long Island Ice Tea ($35), is also new here—it’s basically a double Long Island in an audacious foot-tall glass.