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Film, Fun, Japan!

By Derek ChuaEvents - 20 August 2010 12:00 PM | Updated 14 September 2010

Film, Fun, Japan!

Escape once again into the realm of Japanese Films as the annual Japanese Film Festival (JFF) returns with a selection of movies guaranteed to pleasure your cinematic tastebuds.  

While Japan is known for its fresh flavoursome foods and quirky fashion, there’s plenty the country has to offer in terms of film. This year’s JFF is focusing on the theme of Youths with more than 31 films (some debuting in Singapore for the first time), that offers a look into Japanese film history, the culture and all the follies of Youths.

The film festival will showcase films from the Japanese New Wave cinema movement from the 1960s, in particular director Nagisa Oshima’s work and films from up-and-coming directors from the PIA Film Festival (Japan), and NDJC (New Directions in Japanese Cinema) and also the latest award-winning films from Japanese filmmakers currently making waves on the international film circuits. The selection of movies are scaled in a good balance of modern colored and retro black and white, and screened in Japanese, but coupled with English subtitles.

Japanese New Wave Cinema

Highlights not to be missed include Oshima’s acclaimed works like Boy, Diary of a Shinjuku Thief, Sing A Song of SexandSinner in Paradise. His films, together with other New Wave directors like Yoshishige Yoshida, Shohei Imamura, Masahiro Shinoda and Kon Ichikawa will this a truly insightful showcase.

PIA Film Festival

As one of the first film festivals in Japan, the PIA Film Festival has continued to nurture budding talents for the past 33 years. Some of the highlights not to be missed from these young talents include A Stranger of Mine (which also won three Cannes awards), Water Flower, Fourteen, ASYL, and Mime-Mime.

Directions – NDJC

As part of the Visual Industry Promotion Organisation, five films are produced under the New Directions in Japanese Cinema programme. Enjoy 10 short films from 2007 and 2008 from these young talents.

Japanese Currents

There’s no better way to enjoy the best in contemporary cinema, festival hits and independent cinema from Japan, than through the Japanese currents at the JFF. All focusing on the overall theme of Youths, some of the award-winning films not to be missed include Air Doll, Live Tape, Yuriko’s Aroma, Fish Story, LALAPIPO and Bare Essence of Life.

Best of all, there are 10 films screening for free, including some of Oshima’s work and films from the New Wave cinema directors. Free films are of course, slightly in an increased demand here, so be present earlier to get your tickets – because once the seating reaches maximum, no more tickets would be issued.

For a full list of movies shown, click here.

The Japanese Film Festivalwill be held from August 19 to 29, at the Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore.