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First 'Avengers' Poster Leaked!

By Wang DexianMovies - 20 June 2011 11:08 AM | Updated 11:13 AM

First 'Avengers' Poster Leaked!

A twitter user, @theonlyesq uploaded a blurry and crooked picture of what appears to be the first promotional poster of the upcoming The Avengers mega-film. Since then, clearer shots of the poster from the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas have also surfaced. So… a fan boy’s gotta do what a fan boy’s gotta do. Analyse the living hell out of it.


From these shots, here’s what we’ve gathering about the mother of all superhero team up movies.

  • Hawkeye is either very good at using a bow or arrow or he doesn’t know how to hold one properly. He is called Hawkeye after all so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Godspeed, Jeremy Renner (By the way, did you spot him in Thor?)
  • Is it just us or is The Incredible Hulk himself not wearing pants and positioned behind a strategically placed Thor cape?
  • We catch our first glimpse of the updated costume for Captain America’s foray into the modern world. The straps from the World War II era costume from the upcoming Cap movie are gone and we think the wings on the helmet are looking better.
  • Interestingly, Iron Man doesn’t have the triangular chest piece from the Mark VI armour we last saw him in Iron Man 2. Instead, he’s reverted back to the circular design in the original film. Also, it might be just me but it looks like he’s added extra bulk around the shoulders. Who knows what that’s about?

While the legitimacy of this poster has yet to be confirmed, it’s looking pretty likely.

Just 324 more days, people. And we still have Captain America to look forward to first!

Fan boy, out.