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First Look: New 'Rush' trailer with Chris Hemsworth

By inSing EditorMovies - 19 July 2013 9:51 AM | Updated 10:01 AM

First Look:  New 'Rush' trailer with Chris Hemsworth

Ron Howard's film on the English F1 driver James Hunt is fleshed out in a new trailer.

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Hunt's personality is at the center of the trailer. A charismatic ladies' man, Formula 1 champion and adrenaline junkie, Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth, is brought back down to earth after his first taste of defeat. This brutal blow is delivered by his fiercest competitor, Austrian driver Nikki Lauda.

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Daniel Brühl will portray Hunt's opponent, whose brush with death at the German Grand Prix in 1976 will feature as a major plot point in the film. 

'Rush' opens in theatres 26 September 2013