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Five Great Superhero Man-Crushes in Movies

By Beckii CMovies - 16 May 2011 11:00 AM | Updated 30 May 2011

Five Great Superhero Man-Crushes in Movies

Nobody wants to be caught in a bad (b)romance (except Lady Gaga perhaps), because brotherly affections can make or break a mission.

But being a good partner-in-arms involves more than just finishing each other’s sentences and providing one another with essential spandex tips; it’s also about backing your buddy up when the going gets tough and building a rock-solid friendship, unyielding even in the face of the most nefarious villain (or hottest damsel).

In celebration of ever-lasting camaraderie, we catalogue some of the greatest bromances in superhero history:  


#1. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell), Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin


The dynamic duo. The epitome of bro-ship. The deep brotherly love as timeless as Romeo and Juliet (minus the declarations of love). You’ll be hard pressed to discover a finer paradigm of bromance than the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder. They bust baddies side by side, share awful dialogue… We mean, wry jokes and cruise Gotham City in the infamous Batmobile elbow to elbow. Yet their affections remain mostly unspoken through the best and worst of times, and never get lost in translation. 



#2. Britt Reid and Kato (Seth Rogen and Jay Chou), The Green Hornet 

One’s an upper class, playboy billionaire. The other’s a stoic Kung-fu hustler. A chalk and cheese pairing so entertaining, you probably wouldn’t mind watching them bicker all day. Taking their blazing bromance to the next level, these bumbling comrades even (unfortunately) share the same taste in damsels. But when all’s said and done, they’ll gladly blow up cars and brandish deadly weapons at great peril to their own lives to save each other’s sorry butt. Proving again that (br)opposites do attract more than a fight:    


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#3. Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender), X-Men: First Class 

Technically, this is a bromance gone sour. Although there must have been a time when they sat beneath the stars, chugging beers and exchanging skirt-chasing secrets. Before he was Professor X and the other, Magneto, they were bosom buddies with different powers who constantly gave each other tender looks. Not convinced? Here’s a teaser trailer to whet your X-men-bromance appetite until the film opens in June:


#4. Hellboy and Abe Sapien (Ron Perlman and Doug Jones/David Hyde Pierce), Hellboy series

What happens when a demonic, foul tempered do-gooder meets a gilled, intellectual fish-man? Sizzling superhero bromance sparks erupt of course. Sapien’s the yin to Hellboy’s yang, two neatly fitted parts of a coin which make them each other’s perfect accomplice. They’re not afraid to engage in heated tirades, or rattle hard when a good wake-up call is in order. Simply because a true friend always remembers to smack you in the front.


#5. Tony Stark and James Rhodes (Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadler), Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2


Stark allowed Rhodes to don his invincible superhero ensemble, and it doesn’t get more bromantic than that. Off the field they’re back-slapping best mates, in battle they’re lean, mean fighting machines. Despite taking on his drunken friend in a suit-to-suit fight (which quite frankly, was for Stark’s own good), hyper-intelligent Rhodey displays some lovely gestures of brotherly love by aiding in the vanquishing of villain Ivan Vanko; as a friend in need is certainly a friend indeed.




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