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Five Singapore literary works to get animation treatment

By Zaki JufriMovies - 12 August 2015 5:00 AM | Updated 4:33 PM

Five Singapore literary works to get animation treatment

The works of celebrated Singapore writers will be transformed into animated short films this August.

Writers Dave Chua, Amanda Lee Koe, Alfian Sa’at, Chow Teck Seng and Vanessa Ng will see their written works leap onto the screen as part of ‘Utter 2015: Head Trips’. 

Now in its fifth year, ‘Utter’ is a Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) initiative, commissioned by the National Arts Council, to adapt local literature for different media across languages and to give audiences fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of Singaporean authors. 

Participating writers (from left): Chow Teck Seng, Vanessa Ng, Dave Chua, Amanda Lee Koe and Alfian Sa'at

This edition, co-presented by film education initiative The Filmic Eye, sees literature meeting the aesthetic sensibilities of both established and emerging homegrown animation directors such as Tan Wei Keong, Samantha Seah, Henry and Harry Zhuang, Ang Qing Sheng and Darran Kuah.

Each film portrays their unique adaptation styles and aims to encourage greater appreciation of Singapore’s literary and animation works.

Festival director Yeow Kai Chai said: “SWF has always been about more than static words on a page, and through 'Utter', we look forward to broadening the appeal of our homegrown authors’ talents across different platforms.”  

Award-winning writer Dave Chua, for example, sees his work ‘The Tiger of 142B’ being adapted by brothers Henry and Harry Zhuang, who recently co-founded Weaving Clouds Studio. 

A still from an animated short to be presented at 'Utter 2015: Head Trips' | Photo: National Arts Council

Chua said: ”I feel very honoured having my short story adapted by Henry and Harry. I am sure the brothers have made an outstanding piece of work and will continue to build on their experience from this film."

Other works are Alfian Sa’at’s ‘The Great Escape’, Amanda Lee Koe’s ‘The Ballad of Arlene & Nelly’, ‘Flamingo Valley’ and ‘Carousel & Fort’ (from her book ‘Ministry of Moral Panic’), Chow Teck Seng’s poem ‘5 Shades of Solitude’, and ‘That Fat Cat Ate Dad’s Hat’ by Vanessa Ng (from the anthology ‘From the Belly of the Cat’). 

The five animation shorts will be screened for the first time at Golden Village Suntec City from 28 to 30 August.

Each session is followed by an extended post-screening dialogue with a selected writer and animation director.