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Fox Versus Fox: Transformers Chick Fight

By Tay Yek KeakMovies - 04 July 2011 2:42 PM | Updated 08 July 2011

Fox Versus Fox: Transformers Chick Fight

Fan boys all over the world groaned when it was announced that 2008's "FHM's Hottest Woman in the World" was given the boot from Transformers 3. But shortly after the firing of hottie Megan Fox, director Michael Bay unveiled a new fox to heat the screens: Lingerie model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Being fans of the movies, we immediately began comparing their... ermmm... attributes. So here it is, the inSing 'foxy face-off'.




Megan Fox


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley








Brunette actress-sex symbol-bad girl



Blonde underwear model-sex symbol-blank girl



Steel news


Fired from Transformers: Dark Of The Moon


Hired for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 















Name dropping, chick-style


Acted in the dud horror, Jennifer’s Body


Shows her body off for Victoria’s Secret


Vertical status


Shorter than Shia LaBeouf


Taller than Shia LaBeouf (in heels) 


Horizontal status

Said to be not quite comfortable with the portrayal of female sexuality in the movie series


Apparently game to do anything ordered by director Michael Bay for her big break into instant stardom (this is her film debut)


Irrefutable evidence 


Her character, Mikaela Banes, is seen in the first  Transformers as a hot gearhead who knows a lot about cars 


We don’t even see her face first. The first thing we see of her character, Carly Spencer, is a close-up of her wiggling butt in undies. Thus indicating that she’s gonna show a lot of a**.



Hey-don’t –call-me-a-bimbo moment 


In Transformers 2, she actually captures one of the robots  – a little pain-the-a** thingy called Wheelie in her car workshop                


Right in the midst of the climactic battle with the Decepticons, she mind-f**ks the nasty Megatron when she goes right up in front of him like Joan of Arc.  Totally surreal, man!



Wet looks


Looks damn hot dripping sweat in Transformers


Looks damn cold not oozing any sweat at all in Transformers


Connection with ET


Pissed off Steven Spielberg, executive producer of Transformers 3, when she compared director Michael Bay to Hitler



Transformers 3 is filled with super-tall, spectacularly gorgeous women like her who look so unreal they must be ETs