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Fun for everyone on Sentosa

By Gregory LeowEvents - 25 December 2012 9:51 AM | Updated 02 June 2014

Fun for everyone on Sentosa

If you're a Super Mum (or Dad), bring your kids to the Port of Lost Wonder for hours of entertainment

Sentosa is so diverse that there’s something for everyone, no matter how mainstream, odd or quirky. We look at our favourite Singapore stereotypes, for a laugh.


HDB Tai Tai

You live a comfortable life, but are not well off enough to move out of the HDB bracket. But hey, you can definitely dress up and show off a little, right? Head to Picotin Express in the swanky Sentosa Cove for a fancy gourmet pizza that will suitably impress your tai tai friends, but at about $22 a pizza will not set you back. A big plus is that the restaurant is well lit so you can check the bill thoroughly before paying.

Picotin Express | Address: #01-06, 31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle | Tel: 64384747 | Opening hours: 5pm to midnight weekdays, 12 noon to 1 am (Sat) 12 noon to 12 am (Sun).


Domestic Helper

You spend the week pandering to sir and ma’am’s needs, so you need your one-day-off-a-week for some fun. Sentosa might be a good option, and make a nice change from Lucky Plaza. Entrance to the island is only $1, and all you need for your day out here is some food and a large picnic mat. There are plenty of spots on Sentosa’s beaches where you and your friends can chill out. Try the stretch in between Tanjong Beach and Palawan Beach, as it is relatively uncrowded, with coconut trees and attap cabanas for you to sit under, and with toilet and shower facilities conveniently located nearby.

To get there take the Sentosa beach tram from Beach Station


Port Of Lost Wonder
Port of Lost Wonder on

Super Mum

You have a household to run, kids to take care of, a husband to mother, plus meals to prepare everyday. In short, you have lots of responsibilities and very little time. You need a place where you can seriously relax but still keep a close eye on the kids.

The Port of Lost Wonder, Singapore’s kids’ club by the beach, is a boon for you. The water play area has a pirate ship with slides and water cannons to keep your kids occupied for hours, while you relax under the shade. When the kids get hungry, the Port Belly restaurant/bistro inside the club has a comprehensive kid’s menu with mini pizzas, pastas and burgers.

Port of Lost Wonder | Address: Palawan Beach | Tel: 18007368672 | Opening hours: 10am to 6.30pm daily. | Admission: $8 per child (accompanying adults enter for free with a hug from the child) $12 on weekends and public holidays.


Metrosexual Gym Junkies

You know the importance of being well-groomed, but you’re not prissy. You don’t mind getting a little dirty playing volleyball, as long as you can show off your well-sculpted body by the beach in your Billabongs and Oakleys.

Then Tanjong Beach Club is where it’s at. A laid-back beach hang out populated with hip people makes it a great place to be seen. In addition to volleyball, you can indulge in a little sun tanning, and decent cocktails are served at the bar. The gourmet bar food, like the truffle fries, is something you’ll appreciate.

Tanjong Beach Club | Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk | Tel: 62701355 | Opening hours: 11am to 11pm on weekdays. 10am to midnight on weekends. Closed on Mondays.


Costa Sands
Costa Sands

Ah Beng & Ah Lian

Modern versions of the ubiquitous Ah Beng and Ah Lian are harder to spot that the stereotypical ones of before. You still dye your hair, but now follow K-pop culture instead. You still can be seen outside any LAN shop and arcade, like in the basement of Bugis Junction or anywhere there are cheap bars with pool tables, but also frequent more upmarket joints from time to time. Costa Sands Sentosa is just the place for you and your kang tao (connections). It’s cheap, there’s a BBQ pit and an arcade room. Bring in your own alcohol and stereo by the pool and ho seh liao ah ...

Costa Sands Resort | Address: 30 Imbiah Walk | Tel: 62751034 | Rates: $119 and up per night.


National Service Recruit

You entered National Service not too long ago and had to undergo the horror of having your head shaved. After being cooped up in barracks, you can’t wait to (pardon the pun) let your hair down and party. There are many options for partying on Siloso Beach, where the crowd (and the hottest girls) can usually be found at a hip new club.

Opened in August 2012, Mambo Cafe is where you can tuck into a Cuban-inspired menu or have a dip in the pool. Live bands play and DJs spin late into the night, but most importantly, there are classic cocktails to down and so many hot girls to see, you’ll be panting like a happy dog.

Mambo Café | Address: 40 Siloso Beach Walk | Tel: 62766270 | Opening hours: 11am to midnight (Mon to Thurs), 11am to 2am (Fri), 9am to 2am (Sat), 9am to midnight (Sun).


Yuppie Puppy

You were sent to school abroad because you were failing Mandarin here, but now you’re back living in your parents’ Sixth Avenue house and holding down your first job as a banker/lawyer/doctor.

W Singapore is a good place to go with your other overseas-educated Singaporean friends where you can stretch out your British and American accents to the max. The hottest new playground in town, the hotel has cool designer art, ambient mood lighting, and a wine cellar at their Latin-style steakhouse, Skirt, filled with Old World wines that will give you a chance to boast about your knowledge of wine.

The bar serves mixologist-concocted cocktails and DJs spin lounge and house tunes at the WOOBAR and at the pool (the aptly named ‘WET’). Be nice to them and they might just oblige in playing your favourite song by John Mayer, Dave Matthews or any indie song that’ll bring you safe, mainstream hipster cred.

W Singapore | Address: 21 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove | Tel: 68087288| Skirt opening hours: 7am to midnight daily. Closed on Mondays. | WOOBAR opening hours: 8am to 2am daily.


Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso

Coffeeshop Uncle

Your kids are all grown up and your wife is busy with activities at the community centre, so hanging out at the coffee shop with the few friends you have left, complaining about life in Singapore is better than staying at home all day.

But even that can get quite tedious, so a trip to Sentosa isn’t such a bad idea. Since you’re the sort of person who bemoans about how Singapore isn’t ‘like the good old days’, you will be least annoyed by the island’s more historical attractions, like Fort Siloso. It features a complete restoration of the original British army barracks and artillery emplacements, the Battle of Singapore is vividly told through photographs, wax models and memorabilia.

Fort Siloso | Address: 33 Allanbrooke Road | Tel: 62750388 | Opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily | Admission: $8 (adult), $5 (child).


Spa Botanica

The Expat Wife

Taking care of your kids, driving them to and from international school and beautifying your home with pseudo Balinese artefacts is no easy job. In fact, you work equally as hard as your husband who works in a big MNC and you point that out to him every day.

What you need is a getaway from the daily grind and there’s nothing like a two-hour treatment at the Spa Botanica, one of the top destination spas in Asia. Complete with luxurious waterfall pools, Middle Eastern steam baths and Vichy showers that massage you with their warm water spray, it’ll be your next favourite place in exotic Singapore, after the country club and Dempsey road.

Spa Botanica | Address: The Sentosa Resort, 2 Bukit Manis Road | Tel: 63711288/1318 | Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily.