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Free things to do this weekend

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 30 May 2012 10:00 AM | Updated 10:11 AM

Free things to do this weekend

Enjoy your weekends without burning a hole in your pocket as we suss out some fun events for you.

Head on down to Brass Explosion!: Concerts by the Bay(3 Jun) to check out some brass music in its different forms. Be entertained with music genres ranging from classical, jazz to pop, performed by local and international brass artists. Watch how various instruments (some of which you may have never seen before) make melodious music.

Intrigued by the art of batik painting? How about the intricate designs behind nail art? Then head on down to Jurong Regional Library Anniversary Carnival(3 Jun). Join in the fun of celebrating the anniversary of the library along with activities including batik painting, pyssla beads, nail art and photo taking.

Calling all bookworms and leisure readers; Singapore Book Fair 2012(through 3 Jun) is here! With a wide range of books up for sale, browse through best selling novels, encyclopedias, magazines, comics and various children books. IT enthusiasts also have their fair share of books catered for them such as software, computer games, electronic books and more. Head on down to check out the wide array of items on sale.

If you thought children are scary, especially in horror movies like Ju-On, then this event is definitely for you. Singapore Arts Festival 2012 presents Spooky Stories by Children(through 2 Jun). Instead of being ghosts, these children are telling you some ghost stories to spook you out with their ghostly encounters.

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Whether you’re entering motherhood for the first time (or again), Motherhood 2012(31 May-3 Jun) is an event you should definitely attend! Bringing you exciting games, contests and giveaways, you’re sure to have a ball of time finding out more about motherhood. There will also be fantastic bargains and good discount on products offered there. Don’t miss it.

Bringing your kids along to your shopping trip? Afraid of worn-out kids screaming and telling you that they’re too tired to continue walking? Then be sure to shop at Tampines 1 so that during your shopping break, your kids can play at the Wildlife-Themed Playground. The part promotes messages of wildlife conservation so your kids can have fun and learn a thing or two about the conservation of these wildlife animals depicted in the statues of the playground.

For a more relaxing weekend, get back in touch with nature and head on down to Sentosa’s beach for some picnic, ball games and a splashing good time in the water. If you’re not drained by the fun-filled activities during your picnic, then go on and explore the beautiful Sentosa at the various trails or at the Lake of Dreams– a spectacular fire, water and light show.

For more inspiration on what’s happening this weekend for free, check out our comprehensive events calendar. Have a great weekend, and see you back here next week!