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Gear up for the YOG Opening Ceremony!

By inSing.com EditorEvents - 11 August 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 14 September 2010

Gear up for the YOG Opening Ceremony!

This weekend marks the significant opening for YOG, but if you’re not into that, take a look at our guide for other exciting things happening from August 12 to 15.

Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

If you’re not suffering from post-National Day fatigue, don’t miss this opportunity to witness the first ever Opening Ceremony of the YOG, which promises to be history in the making. For those who missed out on tickets, be sure to catch it live on TV screens around the island.

Typically starting with the ‘Parade of Nations’, the Ceremony ends with a bang with Singapore’s representative (being the host country) officially declaring the Games open.

Read our preview guides to YOG here, here and here.

Saturday August 14 only, at the Float @ Marina Bay. Tickets by balloting.



Fluidity of movement underlines this performance, where everything is deliberately kept slow and sculpted. Accompanied by music from the wind and sea of Cape Town, this is choreographer/dancer Jacki Job’s interpretation of memories and feelings.

Thursday August 12 only, at the Substation Theatre. Tickets at $20 (standard).


TOUCH exhibition

Works of foreign artists are always interesting, as they capture a side to art that transcends all language and cultural barriers. Here, four artists from Thailand attempt to interpret and express the quietly intimate moments of how people connect in their everyday lives. Very existential.

Until August 22, at the Substation Gallery.


That Friday Show @ Home Club

Popular local band Lunarin makes their long-awaited return to the stage in the company of their peers from the music scene - In Each Hand A Cutlass and Zero Sequence. If you’re a fan of local Mandarin pop, don’t miss this.

Read our interview with Lunarin here.