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George Miller may direct 'Man of Steel 2'

By Florey DMMovies - 25 August 2015 12:00 AM | Updated 9:53 AM

George Miller may direct 'Man of Steel 2'

24 Aug – Two years after the release of 2013's 'Man of Steel', it was finally revealed that multiple award-winning director George Miller may be the one to helm the next Superman outing.

However, fans will have to take the news with a pinch of salt because it was not Miller himself who revealed the news but fellow director Jonathan D. "Jon" Schnepp.

"George Miller, he's doing 'Man of Steel 2'," said Schnepp, during his appearance on online broadcast network Popcorn Talk's latest episode of DC Movie News show, which was streamed live on YouTube recently.

Miller, well-known for movies like 'Babe', 'Happy Feet' and their sequels as well as the 'Mad Max' franchise, was originally set to direct DC's 'Justice League' movie back in 2008 but the project was scrapped. If the new rumours turn out to be true, the 70-year-old will finally get to bring Superman to life on the big screen.

The 2013 'Man of Steel', starring Henry Cavill and directed by Zack Synder, made US$668 million worldwide against its $225 million production budget.

Fans who can't wait to see Superman on the big screen can catch the Man of Steel battling against the Caped Crusader in upcoming 2016 movie, 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'.

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