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Get Spooked and Scream Your Lungs Out!

By Adeline FooEvents - 06 October 2010 10:00 AM | Updated 07 December 2010

Get Spooked and Scream Your Lungs Out!

Halloween, celebrated on October 31, has Celtic roots, but today, it’s a widely celebrated event in many parts of the world.  So guess where I spent my children’s day holiday on Oct 1?  At the Night Safari where Halloween activities have begun!

It was Mum’s idea for a memorable night out. And I thought it was just the usual trick-or-treating, donning of skeletal-print costumes and seeing jack-o'-lanterns glowing in the dark fun.  Boy, was I grossly mistaken.




The Halloween tour (in its fifth successful year) took us to a Haunted Village at the Singapore Zoo, which was aptly named Gui Mansion. It’s an abandoned house occupied with Chinese ghosts, yup, the same sort that wail in an incomprehensible Chinese dialect, crying for the departed. Imagine bony outstretched arms bopping like a jiang si (Chinese vampire) dressed in Manchurian official gown, trying to touch you. They were all over the place, for crying out loud!  It was like walking onto a horror film set, only more eerily, freakingly real!  My instinct on being pounced by these ghouls was to kick them hard in the groin, but my mum’s screaming distracted me, and at one point, I hit a coffin instead. Yikes!



After escaping from the Haunted Village, we went on a ride on the Train of Terror. It took us deep into the rainforest, guided by a mad hatter fiend who escaped from Alice in Wonderland.  Don’t ask me what’s the connection, I’m baffled myself! But he’s cool, just a little intimidating when he does his “aaahehehehehehe…” Be prepared to encounter tomb stones in the middle of nowhere, and floating apparitions with long flowing hair, blood on the face, and wailing. Yes, lots of it. It didn’t help that my mum was more scared than me. So really, I was the child, but the adult was more terrified! And whose idea was it to go on the Halloween tour? Half the time I was trying to shush Mum, when she whimpered like a baby.



So if you’re the sort that thinks you’re too old or too cool to be scared, then I DARE YOU to come to the Night Safari. “Only WIMPS are afraid, you say?” Well then, you have nothing to fear, right? Psst, the Trail of the Undead… ha, they say no one returns without being spooked.  Honest. But if you think you’re made of tougher hide, then go on, join the party! Just make sure you scream louder than the undead, just to scare them back.

The Night Safari is the winner of the Best Visitor Attraction Experience at the Singapore Experience Awards.

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