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‘Ghost On Air’: Flimsy horror

By Travis WongMovies - 16 May 2012 3:19 PM | Updated 24 May 2012

‘Ghost On Air’: Flimsy horror

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Rating: 2 stars out of 5

The stars: Dennis Zhou Chongqing, Gan Mei Yan, Eunice Olsen

The Story: Ping Xiao (Dennis Chew), a two-time "Most Popular DJ" award recipient feels he has been robbed of his potential next award when a younger DJ Pauline steals limelight and his successful Morning show slot.

Desperate to get it back, he battles recurring memories of his deceased Horror novelist girlfriend, to bring to his listeners the sensational "Ghost on Air" Horror stories radio program.

The Buzz: Features Dennis Chew, more famous for playing Auntie Lucy, and former Miss Singapore Eunice Olsen. thinks: Renting a room from a Chinese funerary goods maker must show the desperate situation of Singapore’s housing issues, which is one of the things the main character Ping Xiao does in this local horror movie.

Made by Cheng Ding Ann, who also directed ‘The Kallang Roar’, there are few real scares here. At 79 minutes, the story is already stretched out and progresses too slowly.

For a DJ, Ping Xiao isn’t very talky. Still, Chew does possess some acting chops, though one keeps imagining Aunty Lucy in the various situations that Ping Xiao gets into.

Former NMP Eunice Olsen is mostly eye candy and isn’t called upon to do much, except portray a character that may or may not be having an affair with station boss Samuel Chong, he of the “Oh it could be a bomb” MRT ad that is stuck on loop on the Circle Line televisions.

The film is as convincing as that MRT ad, with a highly ineffective wrapup to the whole story. With its tepid, less-than-chilling story and uneven direction, ‘Ghost On Air’ is unfortunately, not a very solid horror film.

‘Ghost on Air’ is showing in theatres everywhere.