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‘Girl In Progress’: Never really grows up

By Travis WongMovies - 24 August 2012 7:00 PM

‘Girl In Progress’: Never really grows up

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Rating: 2 stars out of 5

The Stars: Eva Mendes, Matthew Modine, Patricia Arquette

The Story: As single mom Grace (Eva Mendes) juggles work and an affair with a married doctor (Matthew Modine), her daughter, Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez), plans to rapidly make the jump to adulthood after finding inspiration in the coming-of-age stories she's reading for school.

The Buzz: Stars red-hot Eva Mendes. says: Single mom Grace and her daughter Ansiedad appear to have switched places. It’s Ansiedad who has to tell off Grace for putting on music too loud. Determined to suddenly grow up, Ansiedad is inspired to chart out her way to adulthood by consuming a whole bunch of coming-of-age movies.

We’re not sure what she watched, but it’s quite a head-scratching chart. The moves she must follow, which to her are like some magical spell that can invoke adulthood and escape from her mother, include ditching her best friend, hanging out with the cool girls and losing her virginity.

Meanwhile, Grace has to find her own way, particularly with a married doctor who never gets round to divorcing his wife.

It’s all sewn up in a pretty predictable package, with some easy laughs and an increasingly sentimental journey as the movie goes along. Granted, not everything is predictable, but it still goes down a well-trodden path, and Ansiedad’s attempt to quickly attain childhood comes across as rather ridiculous.

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