Go Retro with Rick

By EditorEvents - 30 September 2010 5:00 PM | Updated 9:21 AM

Go Retro with Rick

Ahhh the 80’s. It was the time for permed hair, big shoulder pads and who could forget those neon leg warmers? It may not have been the most fashionable of times, but you’ll certainly remember the music that came from the era.

Bringing that old retro feeling back is Retrolicious, a concert celebrating three of the 80’s biggest acts – Debbie Gibson, Rick Astley and Johnny Hates Jazz (read our preview guide!). And really, you’d have to have been living in a cave, for the past twenty years, if you’ve never heard any one of Rick Astley’s songs.

Best known for his smash hit song Never Gonna Give You Up, which made it to number one in 25 countries, he’s also the only male solo artist to have had his first eight singles reach the top 10 in the UK. By the time he retired in 1993, he’d already sold over 40 million records worldwide

But that’s not all – in recent years, he’s come back into the limelight with an internet phenomenon called rickrolling. So just what did Rick have to say about his famous song, and how life has changed when you’re a retired 80’s popstar?

When I asked around about what questions people would want to ask you, one that came up a lot seems to be this, so I have to ask – what would you never give up?

I’m afraid I cannot give an honest answer to that question, except, maybe, belief.


Following on from that, do you ever get sick of questions like that?

I think that is the first time anyone asked that question, but generally I’m ok with being asked things.


Do you ever get tired of singing the same songs over and over again?  

No, you have to remember I retired for a lot of years, and now it’s like having a weekend job, I’m really enjoying.


If you hadn’t become a famous 80s pop star, what else would we have found you doing?

I might still be putting up sheds, or playing drums, or being an A+R man for a record company, who knows what life has planned for us.


How has fatherhood has changed you?

Definitely, I have a huge responsibility for my daughter, and I will always be there for her.


What did you do, after ‘retiring’ from the pop scene?

Friends say I was the “busiest person they knew who did nothing”!


How did you become involved in Retrolicious?

Like most things I get a call from my manager, we discuss the proposal and decide if I should do the gig, I know Debbie and Johnny Hates Jazz, also I played in Singapore about two years ago, really enjoyed it, and I cannot wait to be there, really looking forward to the show.


As a musician, you’re often surrounded by sounds – what’s the most beautiful sound to you?

Voices, I love a good voice.


And do you ever sing in the shower?

Yes I do and in the car, sometimes if I have a new song to learn, I can be seen at traffic lights singing along with a track, other drivers must think me mad.


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