Going The Distance

By Ivan TeoMovies - 01 September 2010 7:50 PM | Updated 11:39 AM

Going The Distance

A romantic comedy with a twist, the story talks about a couple who meet and fell in love but have to be separated due to work commitments. Despite the distance, their summer romance may just work out with the help of technology and a lot of phone-calls, of course. Stars Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.





Going The Distance: Destination Known

It may sound pat, but this is a romantic comedy that doesn’t quite go all the way.

It takes the basic ‘Meet Cute’ premise – cute boy meets cute girl – and gives it modern, recession-era twist. The obstacles here are not the myopia or pride of the protagonists, or an initial dislike.

In fact, it doesn’t take long for wannabe journalist Erin (Drew Barrymore) and record label executive Garrett (Justin Long) to find each other irresistible, albeit under the influence of alcohol.

The problem here is distance – he’s a New York guy, she’s a San Francisco gal – and less than enviable personal finances in this economy. They can’t afford to uproot and be with each other, on either coast, at the expense of a paying job.

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