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Golden Village opens Suntec City cineplex

By Zaki JufriMovies - 06 November 2014 5:55 PM | Updated 10 November 2014

Golden Village opens Suntec City cineplex

Film buffs have more reason to cheer as GV Suntec City opens its doors this week. 

The premises once occupied by Eng Wah Groups’ WE Cinemas now houses Golden Village’s 11th cineplex in Singapore.

GV Suntec City has 11 cinema halls. These include eight traditional ones with state-of-the-art rear-entry stadium seating, digital projection and the latest audio facilities, and also three Gold Class halls.

In total, these can seat 1,390 people.

Clara Cheo, Golden Village's chief executive, said: “Locating our cinema here offers working executives around the area a convenient location to unwind at the movies after a long and hectic day at work.”

Finance analyst Eric Chew, 33, who works around the Marina Bay area, is pleased about the opening. 
“I have been waiting for the cinema here to reopen for the longest time. Now there’s somewhere that is near to catch a show,” he said.

Of course, there is a lot more to be excited about besides its accessible location to the Marina Bay entertainment and financial hub.

One of the cinema’s main draws are the ProBax seats (pictured above) in its halls. 

The high-tech seats are designed to increase comfort by improving posture (something that is already used in Lotus and Formula One cars).

The technology works to tilt the pelvis so that the spine adopts its usual S-shape and supports the weight of the head. Benefits include improved blood flow, and reduced backache and muscle fatigue. Sitting through the 169-minute ‘Interstellar’ will now be much more comfortable.

Another first for the cinema chain is the introduction of BeBrite 3D system. This passive cinema technology will give movie-goers clearer and brighter images when watching movies in 3D. 

This is because 3D movies, whether they are made using the process or converted in post-production, are screened at significantly lower light levels than 2D films.

Popcorn and nachos are always the preserve of a cinema’s concession stands. Golden Village already pioneered the concept of in-cinema gourmet dining with its Gold Class offerings, but it is going one step further with the Suntec City outlet.

Moviegoers who need a bite to eat may choose from a selection of western and Asian cuisine from the Grab and Gold cafe (pictured above).

Items on the menu include beef bulgogi, spaghetti with truffle and mushrooms, and Cajun chicken steak, all available to buy and take in to your seat.

GV Suntec City is located at #03-373 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard