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'Good People': It's so ordinary

By Travis WongMovies - 09 October 2014 6:08 PM | Updated 30 October 2014

'Good People': It's so ordinary

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There is a sense of deja vu here: A couple in financial dire straits stumbles onto some stolen money and decide to use it. The criminals who want the money back start to harass the couple.

That is the not-too-original idea behind ‘Good People’, a movie that practically stays within expectations and does not have an original second in its 90-minute run-time.

It does not get off to a good start either. 

A group of British gangsters led by Jack (Sam Spruell) stake out a club, just waiting for their target, a slickly dressed French criminal played by Omar Sy. 

Jack and gang pull off the robbery but one among them, Ben, shoots Jack’s brother and scoots off with the loot and a briefcase of drugs. 

Ben chooses to wait it out in the basement of displaced Americans Tom (James Franco) and Anna Wright (Kate Hudson).

The Wrights have moved to London from Chicago looking for a new start, but their finances are nosediving.

When Ben dies from a drug overdose, the Wrights find themselves being the target of detective John (Tom Wilkinson) as well as Jack and the drug dealers.

Danish film director Henrik Ruben Genz stumbles with this movie, his debut English feature. The plot of the story makes little sense, and the characters are two-dimensional. 

One would expect more from the cast of this thriller, but both Franco and Hudson deliver forgettable performances. 

Wilkinson, as a cop trying to come to terms with his daughter's death, is no better.

The plot is full of holes, with hardly any tension, and the Wrights have easy exits out of problematic situations. They also go from being afraid to becoming suddenly very competent.

The film shambles to an ending where all the parties converge on a rundown house full of booby traps. The villains are easily dispatched, and the film flounders to the finish.

‘Good People’ is really as bland as its title. The plot has been done to death, and there is little originality or spark here to really set things alight.

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