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Guide: Singapore Fringe Festival

Events - 06 January 2010 5:00 PM | Updated 16 September 2010

Guide: Singapore Fringe Festival

The Singapore Fringe Festival 2010 prides itself as a platform for “meaningful and provocative” art.

This year, as with its past five editions, the annual festival’s selections – 20 works from 12 countries – reflect its keen interest in cutting-edge contemporary works that address current social issues.

The festival’s theme of “Art and the Law” this year seems to reflect a fascination and concern with the dynamic tensions between creativity and artistic expression against the limits set by established laws.

The theme also seems to question how the rules of art, norms and traditions, may be challenged from time to time.

Running from 13 to 24 January, the festival is prefaced by its free Fringe Gallery visual arts programme, which starts from 7 January at arts spaces at the Esplanade and Sculpture Square.

The Scale of Justice - Photo: Htein Lin

One of the highlights is The Scale of Justice, a new installation piece by Burmese artist Htein Lin, based on the concept of a prison cell. It continues the artist’s earlier explorations on the constraints of detention.

Meanwhile, the festival highlights include works by Singapore’s The Necessary Stage (___ Can Change), Taiwan’s katncandix2 (B6I2), and England’s Phillip Toledano (America the Gift Shop).

Respectively, and eclectically, they explore alternative lifestyles and social doctrines, the “little prince” living in our hearts, and reminders of America under the erstwhile Bush/Cheney regime.

The Festival’s main programme, Live Fringe, also includes local works as well as pieces from Japan, the United States, and Europe.

dolcissime sirene - Photo: Norbert Knap

These include dolcissime sirine, by the Debris Company, of Slovakia, a non-verbal dance piece that explores the ritual ceremony of wedding to create an unusual mise-en-scene of celebration in life, values, doubt, individuality, love, morale, reality and idealism.

Among theatrical productions, there are works by Singapore’s Teater Ekamatra (Bilik Ahmad Berdaki), Japan’s Theatre Group GUMBO (JP), and American Bryonn Bain in a bold solo performance entitled Lyrics from Lockdown: We Are and So I Am.



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