Happy 21st Birthday to the Substation!

By Ninart LuiEvents - 12 July 2011 4:15 PM | Updated 4:16 PM

Happy 21st Birthday to the Substation!

Singapore’s iconic independent arts centre will be celebrating its 21st birthday with a “modest” bang at its annual SeptFest, taking place in September. The full-on extravaganza will instead of saved for its 25th anniversary.

Even though they’re not going all-out, there’s still quite a few things to showcase. For example, "Dance, Tree. Dance", a multimedia reinterpretation of one of the late Kuo Pao Kun’s plays, will see various Substation alumni working on various sections of Kuo's "The Silly Little Girl And The Funny Old Tree".

Meanwhile, the Open Call series will include visual artist Bruce Quek's "The Hall Of Mirrors", an installation exhibition set to resemble an echo-chamber; and "Loop Theory", an interactive dance performance by dance artist Sherry Tay and musician Ho Wen Yang that will make use of Kinect video game technology.

Finally, The Substation will also present the novel "Several Islands", which kicks off the centre's archival project. Conceived by visual artist Heman Chong and written by critic Ho Rui An, "Several Islands" is a fictionalised adaptation of the stories of some 40 interviewees surrounding The Substation.

These include artists, curators, academics and even bureaucrats interviewed in June last year who have had their accounts woven into a series of encounters in the novel. "I didn't go through the (centre's) '90s heyday period so it's me reconnecting with these memories, trying to get a sense of the entire ecology," said Ho.

SeptFest 2011 kicks off in September. For more details, visit