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Have a FEBulous February!

By EditorEvents - 30 January 2012 9:21 AM | Updated 10:10 AM

Have a FEBulous February!

Calling all dinosaur lovers, whether you’re a kid, an adult or a teenager who’s still into the prehistoric beasts! See your favourite dinosaurs come to life at the Dinosaurs Live! exhibition. Witness your favourite Tyrannosaurus Rex move in front of your very eyes, instead of what you’ve been seeing in movies. (Oct 21 ’11 – Feb 26 ’12)

If that’s not enough (or if ‘Live’ dinosaurs are too much for you to stomach), why not catch IMAX Movie: Flying Monsters! Featuring dinosaurs that could fly, what’s more, it’s all in 3D, making you feel like they are all around you. (Oct 17 ’11 – March 31 ’12)

Do you have children painting all over the walls of your house? Why not let their creative art juices flow at the Paint a Clay Gift Workshop? Choose from a vast range of pottery and start decorating. With something to keep them busy and paint on, you’re sure to have at least a day off from scrubbing paint from your walls! (Nov 2 ’11 – Dec 30 ’12)

Want to teach your kids some self-defence? Want to keep them fit as a fiddle? Then try out the Muay Thai for Kids Workshop where they will learn self-defence techniques and physical fitness. They will also learn to focus and better their concentration – perfect for a child’s self-discipline. (Nov 5 ’11 – Apr 28 ’12)

Always wanted to live the dream of swimming with dolphins? Well, the chance is finally here! Spend some time with the beautiful pink dolphins as you learn about them and interact with them at the Swim with the Dolphins @ Underwater World. You can also be in the shoes of a dolphin trainer during the session as you learn cues to make a dolphin perform its trick. You can also feed the adorable dolphins! (Jan 1 ’12 – 31 Dec ’12)

Well, if dolphins are too gentle and you want something more ferocious, then why not Dive with the Sharks @ Underwater World? Go nose to nose with the sharks and watch the huge eagle rays swim pass you. Dive in the waters full of colours and deep-sea creatures. Fret not if you’ve never dived before because no diving-cert is required. (Jan 1 ’12 – 31 Dec ’12)

If you don’t like getting wet, then take a children-friendly ride on a Sampan at the Sampan Rides @ Marina Bay Sands. Sit back and relax as you are being paddled by hand, sitting in a Chinese wooden boat. Share this amazing experience with your loved ones! (Jan 1 ’12 – 31 Dec ’12)

Keep fit as a family at the Safari Zoo Run 2012! As the name suggests, the Safari Zoo run will be held in the award-winning parks. Run through the scenic paths and animal exhibits. What’s more, finish the run and receive an exclusive animal-motif medal. Running has never been this fun. (Feb 05 ’12)