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Highlights of 2012's NDP celebrations

By Wang DexianEvents - 06 August 2012 12:00 AM

Highlights of 2012's NDP celebrations

Every National Day, us citizens are treated to some displays at the Parade that are as much customary as there are spectacular. The red lions, the fighter jet flybys and the fireworks are all great. But let’s take a look at the new and other noteworthy moments and activities that are lined up for this year’s parade.


Exhibitions and Roadshows

If squeezing it out to watch the Parade (or if you could get tickets) isn’t really your thing, there are still other places where you can participate in some good old family fun with the family.

For example, the NDP roadshow will be on the move throughout various locations in Singapore. Through the exhibits, Singaporeans (and foreigners too) can deepen their understanding of Singapore and its identity. The roadshow is already on now and be at both the Singapore Flyer and the Carnival by The Bay by the Esplanade, in separate forms as an exhibition and a carnival. However, you can already start making your way to the roadshows now. The full schedule is viewable here:


NDPOnTheGo Mobile App

Available for the iPhone as well as on the Android Market, the NDP mobile app will feed your insatiable thirst for all things NDP with bite sized nuggets of information, trivia and so forth. Users can post their thoughts on what Singapore means to them as through its “expression wall” and also be able to take part in “LovingSG Trails” competition using an augmented reality feature!


Instagram Competition

Once again proving that Singaporeans are mostly a tech savvy lot, there's a competition held by the NDP organizers. All you have to do is take a picture of an object that relates to the theme of this year's NDP, “Loving Singapore, Our Home” and post them. Prizes include NDP Preview Tickets, Smartphone, Movie Vouchers, shopping vouchers and of course, the “so classic they wrote a song about it” NDP Funpack! Details here:


Pledge Moment

A relatively new segment that has been done for the past few years, take a moment this year and join the rest of the country as one in reaffirming your personal commitment towards the country together, as well as taking the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the words in the pledge.

Also new this year: the E-pledge, which has a host of images (picbadges, Facebook cover pictures) designed for you to express your patriotism on the interwebs with ease!



We revisit the origins of the National Day Parade and take a trip down memory lane.

Morning Blues

Did you know the first NDP in 1966 started at 9am and had people queuing up as early as 7am?! Way to go, folks…

First Flight

The first fly past of the State Flag and the Republic of Singapore Air Force occurred in 1970 and has been an NDP favourite ever since.

It’s okay, you can get up later.

In 1973, the parade was moved from the morning to the afternoon, lasting till early evening.

Now… presenting this to you, in COLOUR!

1974 saw the first colour TV broadcast of the parade, leading some people to remark, “I didn’t know the smoke from the planes had colour…?”

Parades for everyone!

In 1975, instead of one mega parade, we had 13 separate parade venues instead! All the parades lasted at least an hour and were even accompanied by route marches.

There’s a first time for everything, including the National Stadium

In 1976, the Parade was held at Kallang for the first time. It also marked the first advent of the NDP Guard of Honour.