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'Horrible Bosses 2': Outrageously crude

By Travis WongMovies - 26 November 2014 1:50 PM | Updated 1:50 PM

'Horrible Bosses 2': Outrageously crude

Horrible Bosses 2

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The first ‘Horrible Bosses’ movie was not a hit on the scale of ‘The Hangover’, but it struck a chord with the audience and performed well enough to warrant a sequel.

Former downtrodden workers Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman), Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) and Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) return, and this time, they want to be their own bosses.

The trio set up their company to make their invention called the “Shower Buddy”. They think they’ve hit the big time after billionaire Bert Hanson (Christopher Waltz) places a huge order.

Too bad that Bert reneges on the deal, and the trio have to resort to criminal means in order to get their money back.

Desperate, the men decide to kidnap Bert's son (Chris Pine), but things don't quite go as expected, and they have to visit their previous bosses to help them with their plans.


The main issue with ‘Bosses 2’ is that the main trio are not particularly funny and do not really have much chemistry, and like the first movie, it is up to the supporting cast to lift it above the banal.

The trio wear out their welcome after 10 minutes, and director Sean Anders has to call in backups early.

Kevin Spacey, whose character is now behind bars, is great in his role, chewing out the men for their incompetence.

Waltz, as a scheming businessman, is just as good as Spacey, as he switches between being helpful and poisonous to the entrepreneurial trio.

Jamie Foxx is also brilliant as he returns as the foul-mouthed ex-convict.

Even Pine, who can be quite bland, manages to be persuasive as the billionaire son who can’t get out of his father’s shadow.

Jennifer Aniston doesn't fare as well; her sex-crazed dentist seems to be playing out some male wish fulfilment fantasy.


Without these co-stars, the film falters. The trio's jokes run into each other, particularly with Dale and Kurt yabbering endlessly.

Bateman once again plays the straight man, but gets to cut loose a little when he interacts with Aniston’s sexually insatiable dentist.

Otherwise, all three roles are mostly one-note, and the three leads are so manipulated throughout the whole movie that it feels like they are being railroaded through the story. 

Some of the jokes are carried over from the first movie, and the ensuing chaos in their kidnapping scheme never really goes far enough off the rails to be inventive.

In short, these three would-be-bosses prove they just cannot run the show on their own.

‘Horrible Bosses 2’ opens 27 November 2014

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