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Hugh Jackman and James Mangold talk ‘The Wolverine’

By Zaki JufriMovies - 01 November 2012 5:03 PM

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold talk ‘The Wolverine’

Hugh Jackman’s standalone comic book movie, ‘The Wolverine’ doesn’t slash its way into cinemas until July 2013 but the actor and director James Mangold recently spilled some beans about the movie’s plot; like it’s actually takes off from 2006’s ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’.

The Wolverine teaser poster

Jackman also said that ‘The Wolverine’ will touch on Wolverine’s famous crazed rage. Talking about Wolverine's character Jackman reveals, “His ultimate weapon is his rage,” said Jackman. “If you look at all the mutants, there are other mutants with stronger powers — on paper. But who’s the person you least want to annoy? Wolverine.”

 “It’s more realistic than the usual superhero films. ”We’ve made a concerted effort to make the film feel more real, to pull back on the super duper abilities of Logan,” said director Mangold.

Other goodies include the movie’s first teaser poster which you can see here, rendered in Chinese/Japanese watercolour, alluding to the movie’s premise and setting.

'The Wolverine' opens in theatres 26 July 2013