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Hugh Jackman gets sentimental with ‘The Wolverine’

By Zaki Jufri reporting from SeoulMovies - 16 July 2013 8:12 AM | Updated 18 July 2013

Hugh Jackman gets sentimental with ‘The Wolverine’

When you’re playing one of the most iconic comic book characters on screen, of course you would want a keepsake when filming wraps up. And that was what Australian actor Hugh Jackman did after completing one of his 'X-Men' movies.

“Yes, I have taken them home, most famously for me, at the end of 'X-Men 2',” he confessed to reporters at ‘The Wolverine’ press conference in Seoul Monday 15 July.

“What happens, truthfully, is that at the end of these movies, props and costumes just get stolen by people, because they want them for keepsakes. So I took my claws, because I thought someone was going to take them and I put them in my hand luggage.”


But even the man who is known as the “nicest guy of Hollywood” couldn’t use his charm to get him out of trouble.

“And then at the airport, obviously I get a security official who has never heard about the (‘X-Men’) series, who then proceeded to calmly ask me why I had six knives in my bag. And I was, like, ‘No, I don’t have any knives ...’ And then I remembered and said, ‘Oh yes, of course, they are just my claws!’ I think he thought I was a little crazy and I had to go to the backroom to do some serious explaining,” he said to laughter from the press.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman makes a grand entrance. Photo: 20th Century Fox

‘The Wolverine’ will be the sixth time that the actor will be reprising the role as mutant Logan, and the Golden Globe award-winner admits that he still loves playing the character after 13 years, and was grateful that it paved the way for him in Hollywood as well into the hearts and minds of comic book and movie fans everywhere.

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“It’s hard to believe I’ve had this incredible role for so long! I loved playing Wolverine” he exclaimed.

“This character was the first American movie that I made, and it’s the foundation of the great opportunities that I had in the past 13 years,” he said. “Not only in this character but also in others. I’m very grateful for the part. Not only for what it has offered me, but also just because it’s one of the most interesting and most complex comic book characters out there.

‘The Wolverine’ follows the events of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’. Logan is lured to Tokyo and suddenly plunged into the shadowy world of the Yakuza and the Samurai. He then finds himself on the run with a mysterious Japanese heiress and confronted for the first time with the prospect of true mortality. He is forced to grapple not only with powerful foes, mutants and humans alike, but with the ghosts of his own haunted past.

“This movie is a deeper look at the character. There are not a lot of other mutants in the movie and certainly, all the other characters are different from the previous ‘X-Men’ movies. It’s definitely the most intimate 'Wolverine' (movie) ever... You are going to get all the action but you will also get to see the human side of him,” Jackman said.

‘The Wolverine’ opens in cinemas 25 July 2013