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I Saw The Devil: Gory As Hell

By inSing EditorMovies - 14 September 2011 4:26 PM | Updated 4:43 PM

I Saw The Devil: Gory As Hell

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Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The Stars: Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-Sik

The Story: Serial killer Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik) murders the pregnant wife of Soo-Hyuen (Lee Byung-hun), a security guard. Soo-Hyuen hunts down Kyung-chul and starts a campaign of revenge against him.

The Buzz: This violent film had to be recut before it could be released in Korean cinemas. thinks: Lee Byung-hun and Kim Jee-woon reunite once again for this violent  Korean revenge flick that’s going to leave you squirming in your seat or running for the door.  

I Saw The Devil

Gorgeously filmed, Soo-Hyuen tracks down and captures Kyung-chul again and again in order to inflict more damage and instil a feeling of fear. Too bad Kyung-chul isn’t the fearful type. Cornered and wounded, he calls upon his own resources to fight back against Soo-Hyuen.

The set pieces have bite, and though some degenerate into torture porn territory, director Kim has a knack for making the scenes work and the film to continually rack up the tension.

It’s all helped by great performances from the two leads, and Oldboy lead Choi is utterly menacing as a regular guy with a predilection for hunting down and abusing women.

Byung-hun is also great as a man who gradually becomes a monster in his hunt, and when he puts the hurt on the unrepentant Kyung-Chul you’ll probably be cheering him on, if you can keep your eyes open.

I Saw The Devil open in theatres September 15.