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Illumi Run: Part race, part party comes to Singapore

By inSing EditorEvents - 07 November 2013 12:00 AM

Illumi Run: Part race, part party comes to Singapore

What else can they think of next?

After being chased by zombies during the Halloween-themed Race The Dead and doused with coloured powder during The Colour Run, running enthusiasts here will get to shimmy the night away for the upcoming Illumi Run.

Illumi Run
One of Depp's rare movies without any makeup on

The city's first night party-run, held on 7 December at the F1 Village, is a 5km non-competitive race.

And it's not your typical run: Imagine heart-stopping dance music, ultra-violet lights and thousands of neon-clad bodies, dancing (and running) through the night. 

Instead of the usual race pack, you will receive a party bag, equipped with an t-shirt, an LED wrist band and a pair of goggles.

This is the fun part: At various points of the route, you will be splashed with neon “illumi glow water”. 

This water-based, non-toxic neon paint illuminates in the dark under the ultra-violet lights along the route, turning Marina Bay into a riot of psychedelic colours.

At the end of the event, you will end up as a walking-and-glowing Jackson Pollock painting. The fun continues with a wild after-party hosted by club DJs.

“We are combining two of Singaporeans’ biggest loves – running and partying,” summed up Jeffrey Foo, director of Infinitus Productions which organised the event.

Illumi Run | Date: 7 December | Time: 8pm | Venue: F1 Village | Address: Republic Blvd. | Tickets: $68 from