In Awe Of Legends: Upclose with the sexy athletes of the Legends Football League

By Debbie NgEvents - 29 April 2013 3:50 PM | Updated 09 May 2013

In Awe Of Legends: Upclose with the sexy athletes of the Legends Football League

Liz Gorman and Natalie Jahnke of LA Temptation. Photo: Zaki Jufri

Over the weekend, the heat turned up a few notches in Singapore. No, it wasn’t our country’s erratic weather pattern this time; three sizzling women, Natalie Jahnke, Liz Gorman and Angela Rypien, from the Legends Football League (LFL) were in town to promote the series.

The LFL was known as Lingerie Football League when it was formed in 2009, before its name was changed earlier this year to focus more on the sport and less on the sexy sportswear.

Liz Gorman and Natalie Jahnke of LA Temptation. Photo: Zaki Jufri

inSing spoke to Liz Gorman and Natalie Jahnke of LA Temptation before their promotional event at Bugis Junction. The team has gotten comfortable basking in glory, having secured the LFL championship three years in a row.

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The game isn’t simply about hot girls tackling each other with nothing much on, though. For Gorman, it means a lot to be able to play professional football, a sport that women do not traditionally play.

“It’s the ultimate challenge and the ultimate push for a woman to be the next elite athlete, and that’s how I started playing. I wanted to push myself, not only physically, but also mentally, to do something that I really had not much knowledge about. Just watching the Superbowl doesn’t really count,” she says.

Sitting in the chilly boardroom at Ritz Carlton that afternoon, the girls seemed incredibly comfortable in their on-field uniforms. Jahnke was quick to dispel any misconceptions about their attire.

“As far as our uniforms go, this is sports performance wear. This is not the type of lingerie that you see in the bedroom. It is customised specifically for what we’re doing. I don’t know how to play football any other way.”

The women of LFL have had a fair bit of time to get used to their uniforms. Started up four years ago (2009) by Mitch Mortaza, the series was originally called Lingerie Football League, and was rebranded to its current name this year. What began as an American football sport transcended to Canada in 2012 and, most recently, Australia.

What would fans of LFL players do to show their love? Give them a dog, according to Gorman. “I actually own a Yorkie because of a fan! I wish they paid for the vet bills though,” she says.

LFL Players pose with Finalists of the FHM Model Search at Bugis Junction. Photo: KIX

Jokes aside, the girls are madly aggressive on the field. We asked what typically goes on in the locker rooms minutes before a game.

“[To] get into the mentality of being a football player, we’ll sit there and we’ll hit each other. When it starts to hurt, that’s when you know that you’re ready to go out and deliver that first hit. It’s about getting in that crazy mentality,” Jahnke says.

If you’d like to catch Jahnke and Gorman together with the rest of the LFL girls in action, LFL (Legends Football League) USA will be shown exclusively every Sunday at 10.30pm on KIX HD On Demand (SingTel mioTV Channel 308) from May 2013.