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Indoor Cycling Classes in Singapore

By I-S MagazineEvents - 01 March 2012 4:15 PM | Updated 4:47 PM

Indoor Cycling Classes in Singapore

It’s the time of the year again—roads will be closed and crowds gather to point at lycra-clad cyclists racing against the bright lights. It’s the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012, a two-day event. that this year includes 60 of the world’s top professional cyclists racing at the F1 Pit Building. If you didn’t register for the races, you can still park yourself at the landmark areas and be part of the festivities. Or you can do what we plan to: take a shot at these indoor cycling classes, all of which promise as much of a workout as the real thing.


Our arms and thighs burned like hell the last time we tried this so believe us when we say that the Krank Cycle is one of the most effective pieces of cardiovascular equipment out there. Start with the Krank & Restore class, which will raise focus and awareness of your upper body, then move on to the Krank Fusion—a combination of “arm” and indoor cycling. Once you’ve got the basics under control, you’ll be ready for Power Kranking, which tests your endurance with speed drills. Available at Physique 360 (#01-03/06 Alocassia Apartment, 383 Bukit Timah Rd., 6836-1300).


There are several draws to this indoor cycling class. One: It’s offered by new kid on the block Celebrity Fitness, which is a big hit in Malaysia and other parts of the region. Two: It’s really intensive—interval training, flats and mountain peaks are drilled into a non-stop piece of choreography that’s revised every two months so you don’t get bored or complacent. The Tour de France visuals played during the class are a nice touch too. Available at Celebrity Fitness (#02-01/07 Rochester Mall, 31 Rochester Dr., 6637-9608).

Polar RPM

Serious about spinning? This class makes sure you don’t slack off by flashing your heart rate on the screen for everyone to see. Each participant straps on a Polar heart rate monitor during the class so that the instructor can see how well you’re doing and provide individual coaching. Great if you take a special interest in monitoring any lapses in intensity and performance. Available at the newly opened Pure Fitness Asia Square.

RealRyder Indoor Cycling

This one involves the use of an exercise bike with a spin (excuse the pun)—it mimics a real outdoor bike by allowing you to steer, tilt and lean as if you were riding outdoors. The versatility of movement requires a higher level of control that works your core muscles more than traditional spinning and also makes the whole experience a tad more enjoyable. Available at Urban Fitness Lab (54A Boat Quay, 6557-2880)

Fun Facts: OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012

Chris Robb, the managing director of Spectrum Worldwide, which organizes the race, shares with us some interesting tidbits about this year’s event.

1. New routes with wider roads have been designed so there’ll be more space for cyclists, fewer bottlenecks and safer U-turns.

2. The longest amateur ride, the Super Challenge, is no longer restricted by entry criteria and has seen close to 1,300 signups.

3.The Business Times Corporate Charity Ride will be introduced this year as part of The Challenge (39km).

4. 2012 is set to be their biggest event yet with almost 11,000 signups.