Industrial Light and Magic Singapore: Behind Their Work In Transformers 3

By Wang DexianMovies - 12 July 2011 9:35 AM | Updated 9:47 AM

Industrial Light and Magic Singapore: Behind Their Work In Transformers 3

On July 9, we had the privilege of attending a special presentation and screening of Transformers: Dark of The Moon. Kids from secondary schools and junior colleges thronged to the Grand Cathay for a special talk from Brennan Doyle, Digital Artist Supervisor for Industrial Light and Magic Singapore as he gave the audience a glimpse into ILM Singapore’s work thus far.

Brennan took the crowd through a history lesson, starting from the studio’s humble beginnings working on Star Wars. Among the cooler announcements were that ILM SG was to commence work on the new Mission Impossible film as well as The Avengers (!!!) which drew loud cheers from the audience. Attendees also managed to take a look at the work environment of ILM, such as the way they teleconference with ILM’s headquarters back in San Francisco to run through dailies (raw unedited footage) and the various processes of working on a film such as coming up with concept art, rotoscoping and compositing.

Ever since its inception in 2006, ILM in Singapore has worked on the production of visual effects shots for 18 feature films, including Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Iron Man 2 and all three Transformers movies. Coincidentally, the first Transformers were the ILM Singapore’s first project and the latest is also the studio’s biggest production they’ve worked on yet.

Here are some staggering statistics that illustrate the massive amount of work they put in:

  • 12 months were spent on production, excluding pre-production with total of 156 people employed on the show: 135 artists, 16 production staff, and five tech support staff.
  • Of this, 30 per cent are Singaporeans. A total of 235 shots out of 575 were done here in Singapore, with the full works -- layout, animation, digital matte painting, creature TD, rotoscoping, as well as lighting and compositing of robots, vehicles, FX and set extensions/enhancements.
  • Of 36 sequences, ILM SG was involved in 19, working closely with the HQ back in San Francisco. One particular sequence was the memorable shot of Bumblebee flipping onto a building to rescue Sam Witwicky which was featured in the trailer.

We would like to extend a hearty congratulation to ILM Singapore for a job well done! And if you’re interested in perhaps joining ILM, check out the very coolly named Jedi Masters program – a training initiative/internship for talented young graphic artists. Good luck and may the Force be with you.