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inSing Gives The Gift of Movies

By inSing EditorMovies - 20 December 2012 9:00 AM | Updated 30 January 2013

inSing Gives The Gift of Movies

The 2012 Holiday Season is upon us once again. This is a magical time to rejoice and celebrate with family and friends throughout the holidays with fun activities like going to the movies!

This festive season, is giving its readers holiday prezzies which are way cooler than pipers piping, lords a-leaping, or a partridge in a pear tree. 

From 20 December 2012 to 7 January 2013, we will be giving away movie passes to Chinese gangster thriller 'The Last Tycoon', crime thriller 'Killing Them Softly' and disaster drama 'The Impossible.

Just click on the links below to find out how you can win!

The Last Tycoon

Stand to win a pair of season tickets. 10 pairs to be won!

Contest date:20 December 2012 - 2 January 2013

Movie details: 

It was 1917, China. Cheng(Chow Yun-fat) was an innocent young man who worked in a grocery store and had no ambition, other than to be with his lovely neighbor, the Peking Opera student Qiu.

But a fateful night had changed Cheng’s life forever, as he literally walked right in the affair between his lady boss and the chief of police. To hide this secret, the chief decided to throw Cheng into prison, accusing him of raping his lady boss. Desolated, Cheng met a cellmate Mao, who happened to have an escape plan. The duo broke out, and Cheng had no choice but to leave his life, and his dream girl behind.

Cheng found a job as a bouncer in the casino owned by the powerful Inspector Jin(Sammo Hung). As Jin indulged himself in debauchery all day long, Cheng began to climb up the underworld ladder step by step…


Killing Them Softly

Stand to win a pair of season tickets. 20 pairs to be won!

Contest date: 24 December 2012 - 6 January 2013

Movie details: 

Adapted from George V. Higgins' novel and set in New Orleans, 'Killing Them Softly' follows professional enforcer, Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), who investigates a heist that occurs during a high stakes, mob-protected, poker game.

The film also features Scoot McNairy ('Monsters'), Ben Mendelsohn ('Animal Kingdom'), Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins ('The Visitor'), with James Gandolfini, Vincent Curatola, Max Casella and Sam Shepard among others.


The Impossible

Stand to win a pair of preview tickets. 15 pairs to be won!

Contest date:31 December 2012 - 7 January 2013

Movie details: 

Maria (Naomi Watts), Henry (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand, looking forward to a few days in tropical paradise. But on the morning of December 26th, as the family relaxes around the pool after their Christmas festivities the night before, a terrifying roar rises up from the center of the earth.

As Maria freezes in fear, a huge wall of black water races across the hotel grounds toward her. Based on a true story, 'The Impossible' is the unforgettable account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.

But the true-life terror is tempered by the unexpected displays of compassion, courage and simple kindness that Maria and her family encounter during the darkest hours of their lives. Both epic and intimate, devastating and uplifting, 'The Impossible' is a journey to the core of the human heart.