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inSing Museum and Gallery Guide - BCA Gallery

Events - 18 November 2009 12:00 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

inSing Museum and Gallery Guide - BCA Gallery

Building and Construction Authority Gallery

Address: 200 Braddell Road, Singapore 579700

Opening hours: For enquiries on guided group tours, please call 6325 7720 or email [email protected].

Admission: Free


The collapse of Hotel New World in 1986 claimed the lives of 300 people, and it was a national crisis which left a nation in shock and disbelief. Ensuring that a disaster like that would not happen again, is essentially the purview of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Affecting our everyday lives, the four key pillars of an excellent built environment are namely safety, quality, sustainability and friendly design. These are highlighted collectively in a multi-sensory treat to visitors to the BCA Gallery, which consists of interactive exhibits, model showcases and pull-out panels.

Located at Braddell, visitors to the BCA Gallery will experience an interactive journey of Singapore's building development through the years and gain insights into BCA's integral role in shaping our built environment today.

Showcasing both past and latest technology that go into the construction of buildings in Singapore, visitors to the BCA Gallery will find out what goes on behind the scenes from the drawing board to the construction of a building, and what it takes to erect the finished building.

The Gallery is sub-divided into three zones according to three distinct themes: getting visitors acquainted with the development of Singapore's built environment, showing the process and behind the scenes of constructing a building, and finally going into the latest technology that will shape our future buildings.

The gallery also has an outdoor sensory garden that was designed using principles of universal design i.e.accessibility to anyone, and aims to demonstrate how such design features could enrich everyone's experience in a garden regardless of the level of disabilities.


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