Winners of inSing takes you to...Halloween

By EditorEvents - 09 October 2012 3:35 PM | Updated 06 November 2012

Winners of  inSing takes you to...Halloween


There is something hiding here.


For you…

No really. The time has come once again when revelers take into the night in beastly costumes that have been kept in the deepest reaches of their closets for the past year. But even the most timid of us can enjoy a good scare once in a while. That is why we have scoured the island to bring you the most exciting haunts here at inSing!

Read on to find out how you can get your pair of tickets to the best Halloween parties in Singapore.

How to win:

1. The letters to a particular word have been jumbled up and are hidden in the Halloween Events listing pages.

2. There is a total of 11 letters.

3. Search and collect the letters to form the correct secret password.

Hint! How to search for the secret password

Step 1:

View the full listing of Halloween events by typing "Halloween" into our Events channel search bar.

Step 2:

Find the letters that are hidden within the listings. There are 11 altogether.

4. Submit your entry along with your particulars below. 

5. If you get the secret password right, you will stand to win one pair of tickets to a Halloween attraction!

    Here are the prizes that we have up for grabs:

     6 pairs of tickets to Sentosa Spooktacular (worth up to $124 per pair)

     1 pair of tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2 (worth up to $216 per pair)

     1 pair of ticket to FrightFest (worth up to $100 per pair)

Click here to get started!

Contest has closed. Congratulations to the following winners,

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2

Koh Ruey Shan  SXXXX698A


Jessica Seow      SXXXX213C

Sentosa Spooktacular

Cecily Luo          SXXXX394H

Teo Yee Long     SXXXX842D

Justin Goh          SXXXX297B

Fong Kam Fong SXXXX544F

Mark Olivia         GXXXX069R

Vinay Belani       SXXXX739B

The secret password is Immortality

Details of prize collection will be sent to the winners via email within the next 24 hours. Be sure to check your mailbox.

For the full list of inSing takes you to...Halloween terms and conditions, click here.