Interview: Amy Lee talks Evanescence's comeback record

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 24 February 2012 4:35 PM | Updated 4:41 PM

Interview: Amy Lee talks Evanescence's comeback record

After a long break, some lineup changes; and Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt are still playing sold-out gigs to screaming fans.

The Grammy-winning band is set to play a gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Feb 27, in support of their third, self-titled studio album, released last October.

The band, which feature singer Amy Lee's distinctive vocals, are known for hits like “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal”.

Collaborating with acclaimed rock producer Nick Raskulinecz (who has previously worked with bands such as Foo Fighters & Deftones) proved to be a very savvy move, culminating in an album the band are completely proud of. had the chance to speak to the charismatic front-woman about the making and performing of new material. Just don’t call her a Goth.

Has Evanescence music changed since the debut of the album “Fallen”?

For sure. Some of the songs on Fallen were written when I was as young as 15, and now I'm 30! I've grown up, and so has the band in a lot of ways. I've always wanted my music to represent who I am, and the things I love. I've always made music that I loved listening to, and my tastes have changed- I'd say there is definitely more variation these days. Of sounds, of emotions. The band's sound has become more solid, and the lyrics have become more confident.


What kind of direction is the band heading in terms of music?

This album just seems like the natural next step for us. It really showcases the strength in this lineup, the dynamics between us. It’s a band record. I think that ended up punching through more than anything else.

Evanescence went on a two-year hiatus, what inspired the come back?

I got married and wanted a normal life. There was no plan for Evanescence for a couple of years while I just waited to be inspired to do the next thing. I went to other people's concerts. I painted and hung out in art galleries. I spent time with my family. I needed to find myself again and the music writing was born out of a totally real and natural place, like it should be--like in the beginning.

Could you tell us more about the self-titled album?

I played with a lot of keyboards, organs and samples during the writing process- not completely unlike making The Open Door- but this time we continually searched for "otherworldliness" in our sounds. It was a bit of a theme. I don't know why- I guess it mirrors my fascination with the unknown.

What is your favourite song the band has ever written?

That's an impossible question I can never answer. They all mean different things to me.

What made/inspired you (to) go with a dark / gothic look?

I'm not a Goth! Haha. Never have been. My sense of style is just another way to express myself. It fits the music- dark and often distressed, but with splashes of color/life/attitude.

So you’ve been playing the harp, any chance we’d see you play it ‘Live’?

I've played it live twice. Once on the Tonight Show when I covered "Sally's Song," and last Christmas for an acoustic special for Sirius. It’s challenging and fun! AND CHALLENGING!


What is the first thing you did / you’d do when you reach Singapore?

Well it’s my first time so I don't really know! If it's anything like the rest of this tour it will start with a long line at Customs, followed by meeting a few hardcore fans at the airport, followed by a good bath, followed by a kick-ass rock show!

Fans have waited so long for Evanescence in Singapore, any words for the fans?

I can't wait to meet you, and I'm so happy we are finally going to! Thank you for listening to our music, and making it possible for us to do something as awesome as travel across the world to play it!

Don’t miss Evanescence at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 27.