British band Lawson: “Let’s all be happy, let’s all be friends”

By Debbie NgEvents - 09 April 2013 11:11 AM | Updated 11 April 2013

British band Lawson: “Let’s all be happy, let’s all be friends”

“They’re the best parents we could ask for,” said an appreciative Andy Brown, front-man of Lawson, while they were in town for the first time.

Andy and Adam from Lawson

Speaking to at The Gallery Hotel, the up and coming British band agreed that their families were the driving force of their success. It was the day after their showcase at St James Power Station, a night that left their fans screaming for more.

Lawson seemed to come out of nowhere, releasing four singles in 2012 from their debut album, ‘Chapman Square’. But, like many aspiring bands, they’ve been working steadily at it for a couple of years, since forming in 2009. Adam Pitts, who plays the drums in the band, recalled their first rough gigs in the early days. “We’d get two or three people in the crowd, 20 if we were lucky.”

From playing at a local pub to rocking out halfway across the world in Singapore to their screaming fans, Lawson has proved themselves worthy of standing out from the vast pool of British musicians with their brand of acoustic pop-guitar rock. Taylor Swift is reportedly a fan, while comparisons to other UK boybands One Direction and The Wanted are inevitable.

The other two band members are bass guitarist Ryan Fletcher and lead guitarist Joel Peat. The young lads, all in their early 20s, were nothing short of appreciative of their Singaporean fans. “We arrived at the airport at half past 1 in the morning, and there were still a lot of people there to meet us, which was really nice,” says Pitts.

If you’re a fan of Lawson, you’d be delighted to know they’ve got quite a lot lined up for the rest of the year. After finishing up their Asia and Australia tour, they are flying to America to film a music video for a new song that they say no one’s heard yet. “You’ll definitely be hearing new music,” Pitts was happy to report.

The band’s name  has a special meaning for the band (they originally called themselves The Grove). The 24-year-old Brown was diagnosed with a brain tumour six years ago, but it was fully taken care of by his surgeon, leaving him with just a small scar and the loss of hearing in his right ear. In respect, the band decided to name themselves after his surgeon’s last name.

All in all, they’re a bunch of big hearted boys. If Brown was given a minute to impress the world, this is what he would say: “No more fighting, let’s all be happy, let’s all be friends. Then, go and buy Lawson’s album, and come and see us on tour soon.”

You can tell they’re all about their music. Instead of aiming for five Grammys, big mansions, hot wives or platinum albums, Brown wants to keep playing shows. “[In ten years,] we’d just like to be doing tours to be honest. Good gigs. We still want to go to so many places.”