Bruno Senna: ‘It’s the experience that matters’

By Zaki JufriEvents - 20 September 2012 9:10 PM | Updated 9:23 PM

Bruno Senna: ‘It’s the experience that matters’

Bruno Senna who is Gillette’s global brand ambassador caught up with at the VIP room in Sky on 57 for an interview, where he tells us about the tough season, the perks of an F1 driver and his favourite shaving product.

Being Aryton Senna’s nephew
“I’m family and it’s just natural for people to ask me about Ayrton. At first I didn’t appreciate it but I’ve learnt that people love him — the public and the press — and they want to know more about him from another perspective. The best way to separate my image from my uncle is to be successful in my own right. I am slowly getting there. More people are recognising me for what I have been achieving in Formula One.”

The 2012 season
“It has been a consistent season so far and we have been scoring points in seven races. It’s a good full year of Formula One for me. There is lots to learn and improve on. The most important thing was that the team gave me a chance to develop as a driver, and I hope that I can apply the knowledge that I gained from previous races for the next seven.”

Being a Gillette ambassador
“It’s definitely one of the perks of being a Formula One driver. You get to travel, drive fast cars on great circuits and you get to represent brands like Gillette which is amazing. I think most men in the world know Gillette, so it’s definitely a privilege for me to represent them.” 

Favourite Gillette product
“Of course, it has to be the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide which is the latest model and a great upgrade from the previous Mach 3. But to be honest with you, my favourite product is the thermal facial scrub which works very well in cold climates.”

The Singapore circuit
“The Singapore Grand Prix is one of my favourite races of the season. Others include Spa and Suzuka as well as Monaco. People always think that Singapore is one of those hybrid street circuits but it’s actually a proper one — complete with bumps and lots of corners. It’s a very big challenge to get a good lap around this track.”

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Challenges of racing at night
“The Singapore track is one of the toughest I’ve raced on — it is not only physically but mentally challenging as well. You need to know where the bumps are and where the shadows and illumination are to overcome the difficulty of driving at night. All these conditions makes driving here a special challenge.”

Staying motivated
“You always have to look forward to the next race. One thing that you learn very fast in motor-racing is that no matter how good you are, you always lose more than you win. If you look at Ayrton’s career, he only has about a 30 per cent success rate. That means that someone as successful as him didn’t win 70 per cent of the time. At the end of the day, there will always be disappointment but when you do achieve victory; it will be the most rewarding thing ever.”

Other passions
“I’m very much into technology, especially hi-fi/audio which is my second biggest passion. I like to go online and read about the latest products. This is definitely not something that you’d expect from a top level sportsman but we all have our passions. I also like electronic music, and used to DJ in parties when I was a bit younger.”

Words for aspiring drivers
“Motor-racing is like a bug. Once you catch it, it will never go away. To be the best, you have to push yourself. I’m lucky that I had the most fast-tracked career I could ever imagine. Experience really counts. So if you want to start, start early and try to aim for the toughest championship you can because it will make you stronger. If can you stand being in a tough championship and be successful doing it, the odds will be more in your favour.”

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