Interview: DJ SARASA a.k.a Silverboombox

Movies - 08 February 2010 1:51 PM | Updated 16 September 2010

Interview: DJ SARASA a.k.a Silverboombox

You’ve lived and performed in both Asia and the US. What do you think are the biggest differences playing to such diverse crowds and how has each particular audience influenced your music?

I think that the biggest difference is that most of the Popular culture is from the US, and that Asian countries only get to see that from a distance, or through the eye of the media. Thus sometimes I feel like there is a timelag in what's popular in Asia. However I gotta say, Asia is very open to a lot of styles! So I can usually get a bit more experimental in Asia, as opposed to in the States, and I can challenge myself with the latest hot music!


Besides you, what’s the biggest thing in the Japanese Hip Hop scene right now?

Hip Hop which crossed over with Electro and Fashion was popular last year in Japan, but I think now more genuine-sounding, local and independant Hip Hop is getting bigger now in Japan!


Hip-Hop evolved from being typically male-centric to a more equal playing scene now with many serious female contenders enjoying massive popularity. Can you share with us who are your biggest influences in this genre?

Hum... You mean, who is my role model as a female Hip Hop artist?  I would say my close friend and a phenomenal rapper called MASIA ONE.  She is without a doubt my biggest influence in this because she shows how much of a strong stage presence a female can have! Check her out!  Oh and she is Singaporean too!!!


How would you describe your fashion style?

Vibrant and shiny.


What are some common fashion faux pas you see in the party scene? Please offer tips on what to look out for when picking party clothes.

Don't watch too much of those RAP VIDEOS!! Hahaha, realistically, showing that much skin can be inappropriate or rather unsexy at times. Tips on picking party clothes is to balance the exposure of your skin with accessories such as stockings, gloves, necklaces, banglets, boots and such.  However... I also remember how it was in Singapore, so at the same time I wouldn't blame you so hard if you were naked.


What are your top three beauty secrets?

I would have liked to say, 

1) to sleep well... but I dont believe in beauty sleep....Unless sleeping is what you like to do that most, I'm all about believing that beauty is about having fun at what you do!  Now that's beautiful!

2) ALWAYS take off your make-up before bed!! Don't smudge off those eye makeup with your towel too hard if you don't want wrinkles in the future... Use oil cleanser and foam wash the whole face after.

3) Shape your eyebrows well. Go to a professional if you dont know how to shape them... Eyebrows can make a huge difference in how you look.


Who are some up and coming Asian fashion labels/ designers to look out for?

My Japanese fashion brand "MYNORITY CLASSICS"... To be launched in June 2010!!