Interview: DJ Space Cowboy

Movies - 08 February 2010 1:56 PM | Updated 16 September 2010

Interview: DJ Space Cowboy

Hello, glad to have you here! Can you tell us a little about the essence of Space Cowboy and whether this is a stage persona or an extension of your actual personality?

Hello, thank you very much. From the name you can perhaps tell that I am obsessed by space travel and American pop culture. The name is very comparable to my personality on and off stage I think.


You once said your mentor Norman Cook taught you the importance of having a fresh sound. What is your own take on that and how do you constantly stay inspired?

I love music, my passion is Hip Hop which constantly evolves with sounds and ranges from Wu-Tang to Lil Wayne, who are vastly different. I always find that changes are exciting and inspiring.


Your latest album “Digital Rock Star” has been a sort of homage to your experiences on the road while touring with Lady Gaga. How has this influenced or shaped your music since your earlier releases?

Touring with Lady Gaga all over the world and in the United States was always my dream to absorb different cultures. Working with one of the finest performers and writers I have ever met has shaped my music in a way that I could never imagine, same as when working with producers like Red One and Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.


I love love love “My Egyptian Lover”, it’s simply fantastic. Can you please share with us your inspiration behind this track and what it’s like working with Nadia Oh?

Thank you. This track is really important to me as it is the song that got me recognized by Cherrytree Records in the United States. Working with Nadia Oh was amazing and we are working on new material together.


Your fans are confident you’ll blow us all away at your upcoming gig in Singapore. Can you give us a sneak peek on what to expect?

Ahaaaa! Well, thank you, I hope I could meet expectations and fully intend to rock the show, I came 2 party remember!


How would you describe your fashion style?

I love fashion and I would say there is a strong traditional English style, as London fashion inspires me a lot, as well as French designers. It is glamorous for sure but also rooted in 60’s British Mod style.


Who are your favourite fashion designers of all time?

I would say John Galliano/ Christian Dior.


What do you think are some must-have fashion accessories to jazz up a men’s party outfit?

Vintage dress shoes and a tie made of crystals or mirrors would work.