Hairy business: Make your moustache do good with Movember

By Zaki JufriEvents - 05 November 2013 4:51 PM | Updated 5:00 PM

Hairy business: Make your moustache do good with Movember

Why do you think men so easily take up the dare to grow a moustache for a full month?

Whether he admits it or not, every man is a little curious about how he would look with a moustache. Movember provides a very acceptable excuse to wear a ’mo for one month of the year.

Can you tell us more about this year's theme, “Generation Mo”? Why did you guys decide to go in this direction as opposed to last year's intergenerational "Movember & Sons"?

Last year, Movember was about passing down knowledge from generations, sharing knowledge from father to son. While this worked effectively, we felt that we should re-invent our theme to provide some edge to the campaign.

We like to offer our participants food for thought each Movember campaign, give them a different way to engage with the issues we support. “Gen Mo” is about making some noise and demanding change. 

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What are some of the biggest challenges you faced in raising money for this charity in Singapore and the region?

Initially, it can be difficult explaining the concept of Movember to an audience who are unfamiliar with the campaign.  

Admittedly, it is a very unconventional campaign, but once people understand the model and can see that it is both fun and extremely serious in terms of the programmes we fund for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health challenges, and about making a difference to men’s attitudes towards their health, people are very keen to embrace and support Movember.  

How do you feel Movember has helped open the dialogue about men’s health issues?

The moustache has been a catalyst for starting millions of conversations about men’s health around the world.

Our research tells us that men who participate in the campaign are more likely to see a doctor, more likely to recommend someone else to see a doctor, and more likely to do research into men’s health issues.

Even a decade ago, no one was talking about men’s health, least of all, men themselves. 

What makes for a great moustache?


I'm speaking on behalf of some Asian men who can't grow a proper ’mo, never mind a beard. Isn't Movember a bit exclusionary? 

We celebrate moustaches of all shapes and sizes and don’t discriminate any effort. The main drive behind the campaign is having men attempt to grow some facial hair to spread the word and awareness for the Movember foundation.

What matters most are the conversations formed around each moustache, no matter how thick or sparse.  

Having said that, I do challenge the notion somewhat, as we have seen some fantastic moustache grown right here in Singapore by local Mo Bros.

Do you think women prefer moustaches or a clean-shaven face? 

The moustache has definitely made a comeback over the last few years. So many Hollywood types are sporting ’mo’s these days, so I definitely think there has been a shift in societies’ thinking towards facial hair. 

What’s the most impressive ’mo you’ve seen to date?  

There are some Mo Bros that go to the absolute extreme to grow the ultimate ’mo. Head to a Movember Gala event around the world and you will see some amazing efforts. Check out Movember’s Hall of Fame and you will understand what I mean. (hyperlink:

Any tips to growing a stylish ’mo? 

Firstly, make your ’mo count by registering at and secondly, wear your ’mo with pride and confidence, knowing you are making a difference in the world.

Be part of the Movember movement as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista at