Lewis Hamilton: No more ‘lucky underwear’ for him

By Zaki JufriEvents - 20 September 2013 1:12 AM | Updated 3:59 PM

Lewis Hamilton: No more ‘lucky underwear’ for him

When it comes to putting his game face on before a race, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has no strange rituals or pre-race tics.

Think Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who admitted to a British newspaper that he chats with anyone who will listen about hot women and fast cars before a competition, to take his mind off the race.

Hamilton, who drives for the Mercedes F1 team, prefers to keep a clear head. 

“I like to just clear my mind, put on some music and let go,” he told reporters at a meet-and-greet session at Millenia Walk on Thursday afternoon.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

But the driver did admit that he used to have a pre-race ritual when he was younger.

“There was a time when my mum shrunk a pair of boxer shorts in the wash, and they were my lucky boxer shorts. I couldn't wear them anymore and I thought I couldn’t win a race. So I wore another pair and won the race. After that, I stopped believing in race rituals and superstitions,” the 2008 F1 world champion recalled.

Despite finishing ninth two weeks ago at the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton is certain of a good result.

“I love street circuits. I generally do better when I’m racing on them and Singapore’s really one of the best. The track is fantastic and we have a good package for down-force circuits such as this one. So I feel this weekend can be a good one for us,” he said.

Hamilton is one of only three drivers to have previously won the Singapore GP. 

The other two were Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. 

Last year, Hamilton retired from the lead due to a technical malfunction on his McLaren car. 

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg


Nico Rosberg, Hamilton’s teammate, is also optimistic about the upcoming race this weekend. 

Rosberg, who won the Monaco and Silverstone Grand Prixes this year, is in high spirits despite trailing his teammate by 37 points. 

“It’s been a very good year for me. It’s nice to finally have a car that can win races. Winning a race this year was very special. I think we have a very good car again this weekend and getting a good result here is possible. To come to a race track knowing I can put it on pole, I can win the race, it’s really nice.” Rosberg said.

At the meet-and-greet session with the drivers, eight-year-old Alex Kattoulas had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the stage with them.

An ardent fan of Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team, Alex – a go-kart racer himself – waited for more than six hours to meet his biggest inspiration in motor-racing.

He presented Hamilton with Haribo candy, the Englishman’s favourite, and a picture of his own go-kart car, designed to look like Hamilton’s F1 car. 

2013 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix | Date: 20-22 September 2013 | Venue: Marina Bay Street Circuit | Tickets: $48 to $1,288 from www.singaporegp.sg