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Interview: Markus Pabst for 'Soap! The Show'

By I-S MagazineEvents - 12 June 2012 11:00 AM

Interview: Markus Pabst for 'Soap! The Show'

We talk to Markus Pabst, one of the directors of this off-beat performance, which blends music, circus acrobatics and comedy in a tale of bathtubs and eccentric characters.

How did the idea for this show come about?
I was inspired by pictures, performers, comedians and even a stripper who used bathtubs in her routines. I wanted to pull all my ideas together to create a whole show. I was drawn to bathing because it involves a natural sensuality and is a synonym for relaxation and recreation.

What do you think accounts for the performance’s international appeal?
It is quite quirky. But it attracts a broad audience because there is something for everyone. It is sexy but playful, comical and spectacular. The performance is very imaginative and erotic on a natural level, which everyone can relate to. I am often delighted to see how many different people love this show.

Are the cast members all from the original?
Many of them are long time members, but the cast keeps changing. We’ve been performing for five years nonstop, so it is inevitable to have different artists. Maximilian Rambaek, the other director, me and the producer choose them together.

Have any of the performers gotten seriously injured?
Thank God, no. Once, an artist fell onto a bathtub during his aerial routine, but luckily, he only suffered some scratches. The bathtub, however, was broken. The artists do indeed have to be careful not to slip.

Are there any special tricks you’ve used to make it safer for the acrobats to perform?
Surfer wax is one of the tricks, but the best one is training.

Of all the countries you’ve toured, which has been your favorite?
Every country has its own attractions, sometimes it’s the theatre and other times it is the audience. It is just the differences that makes it exciting. I once directed a dinner show in Singapore and love this city. The audience is great!

Soap! The Show is on Jun 15-16, 8pm; 16-17, 3pm at the Esplanade Theatre.