Nudity & nearly broken necks: Interview with Ois Easy

By Farhan ShafieEvents - 02 May 2012 9:22 AM | Updated 07 May 2012

Nudity & nearly broken necks: Interview with Ois Easy

Beer drinkers and partygoers unite!

For the first time in Asia, savor a truly German experience with Maifestat the Clarke Quay Fountain area on 4 and 5 May, where you will get to enjoy premium quality wheat beer along with authentic German food and loads of merry-making!

As part of the festivities, German band Ois Easy will be on hand to entertain revelers on both nights with their raucous brand of live performances and party antics.

We get to know more about this Bavarian septet before they hit our shores.


We read that Ois Easy stands for ‘over 14 years of humor, fun and partying’. How much of a party animal are you guys?

As a member of a party band, it is important to like what you are doing and to show your enthusiasm to the audience. Of course we are all some kind of party animals, but as a professional musician you still need to control yourself a little bit, otherwise the quality of the show would suffer


What type of music does the band play?

We chose the best party songs of the last 60 years and put them into our set list, so there should be plenty of classics to sing along. But of course we also play the latest chart hits if we find them suitable for our style. And of course there are some Bavarian songs we play, but always with a rockin’ attitude…

What makes an Ois Easy “live” performance special?

First of all, Ois Easy performs 100% live! It’s important for us to play songs as true to the original as possible. It’s also important for us to react to the audience’s mood immediately. And we do a lot of funny things on stage, which makes our shows unique. But if you are curious, you’ve got to come and see for yourself.


Any wacky audience stories that you can share with us from past performances?

In over 14 years of party performances we’ve experienced plenty of weird, wacky and funny stuff, from nudity in the audience to crashing tables and dancing on the ceiling (no joke, the guy nearly broke his neck if there hadn’t been others to catch him).

With seven musicians in the band and after more than 14 years of playing together, there must have been a lot of craziness going on. How have you all managed to stay together for so long?

We like what we are doing and we like each other, it’s as easy as it sounds.


Tell us more about Maifest. How important of a festival is it in Germany?

In Bavaria, Maifest is called “Volksfest“. These beer festivals as you may call them take
place in huge tents with many ale-benches. The biggest beer festival in Bavaria here is Oktoberfest. In those tents, sooner or later all the people will stand on the benches to party and sing with us.

Seeing as Maifest will feature authentic German Cuisines to go along with the beers, what German dish would you recommend for Singaporeans to try?

The most traditional food for a “Maifest” would probably be roast chicken. A “Hendl” as it is called in Bavaria tastes great with a “Brezn” and a big mug (“Mass”) of fresh cold German beer. But if you don´t like chicken, you won´t go wrong with choosing a schnitzel or a bratwurst.

How does it feel to be a part of the first Maifest in Asia and to perform here in Singapore?

It is a big honor for us to perform in a country so far away and represent Bavaria. We are really excited about showing German culture to the people in Singapore. We also really want to get to know the people in Singapore and see as much as possible of the country in our spare-time here.

Is this your first time visiting the country? What have you heard about Singapore so far?

None of us has ever been to Singapore yet, but we are all really looking forward to go there because we heard so many exciting things about your country.

So what’s next for Ois Easy in 2012?

A lot of party, a lot of fun and hopefully some roast chicken!


Maifest happens on 4-5 May at Clarke Quay's Central Fountain. Admission is free so come on down for a beer-swilling, partying good time!