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Crystal Liu: Bold and not cold

By Tay Yek KeakMovies - 04 September 2014 10:00 AM | Updated 5:24 PM

Crystal Liu: Bold and not cold

The Four 3

Chinese actress-singer-model Crystal Liu Yi Fei is an interesting and alluring combo of daintiness and toughness.

The daintiness comes from her classic, traditional beauty, which exudes a sweetly porcelain appeal that has earned her the label of ‘China’s Jade Girl’.

That means someone who is a highly treasured beauty.

Crystal Liu Yi Fei returns as Emotionless in 'The Four 3'

The toughness stems from her upbringing as a kid growing up for a few years in America.  

At the age of 11, Liu moved to New York City with her stage performer-mom and became American-ized by attending school there and learning to speak English.

She returned to China in 2002 and entered the renowned Beijing Film Academy at 15.

Since her acting debut in the 2002 TV series, ‘The Story of a Noble Family’, Liu has chalked up a whole string of major films, mostly period actioners – ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ (2008), ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ (2011), ‘White Vengeance’ (2011), ‘The Assassin’s (2012), and of course, most notably, ‘The Four’ film series.    

As a demure damsel in the popular wuxia-fantasy trilogy, the 27-year-old star from Wuhan sits in a wheelchair for much of the series.

The trilogy is set in distrustful, power-grabbing ancient China with two of the emperor’s special martial-arts squads – the loyal protectors of the crown called the Divine Constabulary and the shadowy investigative unit, Department Six (a kind of early-day CID) – pitted against each other while sinister forces plot to seize the emperor’s throne.

 ‘The Four 3’, in cinemas right now, concludes the series. 

Liu’s character, the paralysed female warrior from the Divine Constabulary named Emotionless, is a sullen, contemplative and unsmiling gal who’s out for revenge after her entire family was slaughtered in a grievous case of betrayal and evil politics involving the emperor himself.

But underneath Emotionless’ placid surface anger simmers.

When she explodes, she kicks butt like a sleeping tiger awakened, her signature move being a crazy-cool one in which she twirls her long hair in slo-mo and sends sharp objects – little daggers, metal ninja stars – flying to her foes.

You don’t want to mess with this girl, we guarantee you. Do not underestimate her.

When Liu came under fire in 2012 for sex and nude scenes in ‘The Assassins’, she reportedly retorted: “I actually never thought I was that pure to begin with.”

The girl is her own true self.

When inSing mentioned to her that Stephen Chow had just apparently selected Chinese actress, Zhang Zetian, for his upcoming movie, ‘Mermaid’, because she reportedly “resembles Chinese beauty, Liu Yi Fei”, she replied graciously: “Everyone wants to be their individual selves. To be accepted for themselves. I hope everybody will encourage them to be their best by being their own selves, because we are all special in our own way.” 

Liu Yi Fei reveals more about herself and Emotionless to Tay Yek Keak.

‘The Four 3’ is now showing in cinemas

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