Hard Fashion: Interview with 'Fit For Fashion' contestants Ming Wolf and Jerald Foo

By Elaine EeEvents - 20 October 2014 10:44 AM | Updated 10:46 AM

Hard Fashion: Interview with 'Fit For Fashion' contestants Ming Wolf and Jerald Foo

A new reality TV series shows transforms ordinary people into fitness and fashion fiends—and helps them in other ways as well

Reality TV works. People love watching other people pit them against each other in intense challenges; cry, fight and laugh as dramas ensue under the pressures of competition and being closely involved with each other for the show. Because reality TV is popular, there are dozens of shows out there. So what makes one stand out? The idea behind it. And an interesting idea is behind this new show, ‘Fit for Fashion’.

As its name implies, the series combines fitness and fashion challenges. Twelve men and women from all walks of life take part, and get to do ‘Survivor’ style challenges as well as model high street British fashion brands. They have lived to tell the tale, and two contestants, Ming Yang Wolf, a 19-year-old interior design student; and Jerald Foo, 27, a sales and marketing person, tell us about their experience with the show.

Why did you decide to audition for ‘Fit for Fashion’?

Ming: I’ve never been confident about my weight or myself; I always sold myself short. As long as I could make other people happy, I didn’t care if I wasn’t. The auditions for ‘Fit for Fashion’ came around the time when I was getting tired of my non-existent self-esteem and not knowing what to do about it. So I decided to audition because I just wanted something to change.

Jerald: Three reasons—if you’ll watch my audition video you’ll understand:


Which challenge stood out for you and why?

M: The biggest challenging for me was a mental one. I was so used to saying, “no, I can’t do it” that when I had to go through the workouts, it was incredibly hard for me to push through.

J: The fashion challenges were hard for me as I’m not an expert in fashion. So I knew I had to perform well in the physical challenges to make up for my fashion challenges, and that was always very stressful for me. 

What did you learn from your experience at ‘Fit for Fashion’?

'Fit For Fashion' contestants Jerald Foo (extreme left) and Ming Yang (second from extreme left)

M: That I can be and should be selfless with the time I have. That I am happy with who I am. I’m more open and upfront. I can now come to you in a crowd of people and say ‘hi’, whereas before I’d hide. Everyday, I’m still realizing the changes have occurred within me. Sounds cliché, but it’s true.

J: I learned that the only way I am going to get what I wish I had is to get out and do it. No one is going to push you to do it because no one is the boss of your life. You’re the boss of your own life so DO IT! Sign up for a gym today, start eating healthily at your next meal—stop procrastinating … start today!

What kind of fitness/nutrition regime do you maintain in your own life? 

Ming Yang doing a fashion challenge

M: Now I can say with confidence that I actually HAVE a fitness/nutrition regime. Most of it revolves around running, swimming, and eating healthier, and, I have to say, working out is so much more enjoyable with a buddy.

J: I don’t exactly diet. In fact this word really scares me. What I do instead is make sure that my meals are healthier. So, say, when I have chicken rice I’ll have breast meat and half the rice. If I want to be really healthy I’ll ask for plain rice. 

What’s your favourite food indulgence?

Jerald Foo doing a fashion challenge

M: French fries or ice cream, or both together. Ok, I’m kidding about that last part, but ice cream is definitely like kryptonite for me.

J: It used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken. I had it twice a month. But right now, after the show, I look at KFC in a whole new light. It isn’t worth it any more. 

What do fitness and fashion mean to you?

M: I used to think that fitness and fashion were miles and miles apart, but after being on ‘Fit for Fashion’, I realized that the two are more closely related than we think. You exercise to feel better about yourself and your body, create confidence, which then makes you feel comfortable in your clothes and opens you to new fashion possibilities.

J: To me fitness means living healthily and being able to do anything I want with no baggage. And I’m always exploring fashion, and am now more receptive to quirky ideas.

Your own look/style? 

M: I used to be a chequered shirt and jeans girl. As long as something was confortable, I would wear it. Now, I look at clothes in a new light. I’m easing my way into newer territories, like dresses and high-waist skirts, or neon coloured accessories.

J: Simple, casual and everyday. 

What do you aspire to be?

M: An interior designer. It’s what I enjoy, and I hope to have a future in it.

J: I aspire to travel around the world being a fitness/commercial model.

Who inspires you?

M: My parents. I owe them everything, all the experiences and the ups and downs. Without them, I wouldn’t be me; and let’s face it, I’m awesome!

J: My Dad. If by the end of this life I’m even half the man he was, I’ll leave this world with a big smile on my face. 

‘Fit for Fashion’ is now showing on StarWorld (mio TV CH301)