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Double trouble: Ring-side chat with Mila G & Maya T

By Shawn DankerEvents - 03 June 2014 12:00 AM | Updated 6:15 PM

Double trouble: Ring-side chat with Mila G & Maya T

Fight fans were in for double the treat last weekend as best friends and Vancouver-based Japanese models, Megumi Tanoka and Masumi Segawa, better known to their fans respectively as Maya T and Mila G, were present as ring girls at One FC's ‘Honor and Glory’ fight show.

We caught up with the bosom buddies for a peek into their lives.

How did you both get to know each other despite being born in different parts of Japan?

Mila G: I met her (Maya T) when I started working at a Japanese restaurant after I moved to Vancouver, Canada.

What restaurant was that?

Together: Izakaya!

Megumi Tanoka aka Maya T waves to the crowd. Photo: George Byron

Mila G: It was Japanese-style dining where we served small dishes and main courses... 

Maya T: ...and that's how we met because I was already working there before Mila arrived.

It's obvious that the both of you are very close. You even finish each other's sentences. How did your friendship develop?

Maya T: We were the only Japanese girls working at the Izakaya. All the other girls at work were Canadian...

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Mila G: We started to hang out on our days off....

Maya T: We would go eat and go to the gym, if she could come along (laughs). 

Mila G: Yeah, I was, like, Maya you have to message me... you have to wake me up when you go to the gym because that's the only way I would go.

Maya T: If she didn't pick up, I would just go by myself (laughs).

So you're basically Mila's personal trainer?

Maya T: Kind of! (both laugh)

Is there anything in particular you want to do in Singapore during your working trip here? 

Mila G: We want to go to the Infinity Pool (at Marina Bay Sands).

Maya T: And shopping.

Mila G: Singapore really looks like Japan.

One FC ring girls Mila G and Maya T takes a break in between workouts while Ritual trainer Muhammad Ismail aka "Shrek" looks on. Photo: George Byron

Maya T: It's like Tokyo. 

Mila G: It's really clean. 

You're definitely going to try Singapore food while you're here, right?

Maya T: Singapore food is, like, mixed, right? It has Malaysian and Chinese influences among other things, right? I love food that basically combines different cultures and cuisines into something new and unique.

What would you like to do after you're done with modelling? 

Mila G: I want to live at a farm. I really like growing plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. I like making things grow. 

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Maya T: She wants to go live in Okinawa.

Mila G: Okinawa has similar weather to Singapore and the pace is more relaxed than Tokyo. Tokyo is really crazy. Watching the crowds in Tokyo alone already makes me dizzy. I want to live somewhere I can relax and do things at my own pace. 

Maya T: But Canada is relaxed.

Mila G: Yeah, but Okinawa is warmer and has nice beaches.

How about you, Maya?

Maya T: I'm into fitness. I love working out, going for a run or a walk. I get up early and start my day early. I would like to do something related to fitness and become a personal trainer.

Mila G: I'm sure you can do it! 

Maya T: (laughs) Yeah, that will be fun and I like that I would be helping people by motivating them towards better fitness and health.