Interview with the Ballet Nacional de España

By Ninart LuiEvents - 19 September 2011 11:33 AM | Updated 27 September 2011

Interview with the Ballet Nacional de España

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Experience the fiery passion and luscious colours of flamenco and Spanish dance in a triple bill by Ballet Nacional de España. The award-winning company brings you its 36 stellar dancers, eight guitarists and singers in performances choreographed by Spain’s foremost artists.

Danza y Tronío, a grand classic that reveals the influence of Escuela Bolera or Spanish dance of 18th and 19th centuries in classical ballet, was choreographed by Mariemma, the “first lady of Spanish dance” and a major force in defining Spanish dance.

We sit down for a short chat with the Artistic Director of the Ballet Nacional de España, Antonio Najarro:

Hello, welcome to Singapore. How do you find inspiration for your performances?

Thank you for the warm welcome to Singapore.  It is such a pleasure for both me and all the artists of the Ballet Nacional de España (Spanish National Ballet) to perform here. All of this is entering a new phase at the BNE and we are eager to share our love and enthusiasm for dance with the Singapore audience.

I view everything in life as an inspiration.  All that I experience around me leads to some kind of artistic inspiration.  I love to create images, new choreography and challenge myself as a dancer and artist.  


In your own words, how would you describe Sevilla/Madrid/Sevilla!to your audience?

Sevilla/Madrid/Sevilla!encompass the new trends of Spanish Dance and at the same time respects its origins.  The show is based on tradition and at the same is full of energy and new expression.  The choreography is designed to be complex, theatrical with lots of passion and intimacy.  


Can you please tell us a little bit about your training regime?

We all follow a very strict training regime, which runs about 6 hours per day.  We start with a Classic Ballet Class to ensure that we are in shape and perfect the basics. We then do a Spanish Dance Class which is followed by a series of rehearsals of our productions. I am very demanding with the dancers' training as I believe the best performances come from the domination of all the styles of the Spanish dance: Flamenco, Escuela Bolera, Spanish Classic Dance, Spanish Folklore, Contemporary Dance, etc.  We can only achieve this through a rigorous training schedule and constant repetition.


 How do you think your dance styles set you apart from other dance companies?

The Ballet Nacional de España (Spanish National Ballet) is unique as we perform several styles of dance.  We encompass all the facets of dance to ensure that our repertoire is very rich.  The choreography ranges from the old roots of flamenco and Spanish dance to the most modern and fresh new styles. 


Lastly, what are you looking forward to doing when you come to Singapore?  

I am looking forward to experiencing the culture of Singapore.  I would like to observe the people, learn the traditions, way of life and communication between the people, taste the food, etc..  These kinds of experiences are very important to me as an artist.  It is another way to draw inspiration and enrich myself as a person and an artist. I am sure I will enjoy your country a lot!

Sevilla/Madrid/Sevilla!is on from Oct 12-13, Wed-Thur at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets are $20-120 and available from Sistic.

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