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IRAS Gallery

Events - 24 June 2009 12:00 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

IRAS Gallery

IRAS Gallery - The Singapore Tax Story
Address: 1st storey, Revenue House, 55 Newton Road, Singapore 307987
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday 8am - 1pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Guided tours: Email [email protected] to book tours one week in advance. Maximum of 30 pax.
Admission: Free

There are two things in life that are inescapable - taxes and death. Both are generally considered a burden, and yet, a visit the Singapore IRAS Gallery may just be the thing new (and old) taxpayers need to make the whole process feel a little less intimidating.

The IRAS Gallery has two purposes. First, it shows the history of tax administration in Singapore, and second, it explains, to anyone who cares to know, what and how exactly taxes affect us.

The exhibition "The Singapore Tax Story" takes visitors back to 1819, to the beginning of modern Singapore, and charts how the tax system has evolved right to the present. It also looks at the role taxes have played in transforming the Singapore economy and society..

On display are the Singapore taxman's tools, such as old adding and embossing machines, stamps and original copies of the Tax Ordinances.

Interactive display panels literally open out to reveal filing cabinets, and visitors get to rifle through flip-cards and pull out files from shelves as they delve deeper into the Singapore tax story.

There are also Interactive games that challenge your knowledge of Income Tax, GST and Property Tax. You'll also find out if you have what it takes to play the role of a tax investigator pursuing tax evaders.

Don't miss... Exhibition companion

"The IRAS Story - 60 years of tax administration in Singapore" is a commemorative book that chronicles how tax administration has evolved since 1948 in tandem with the changing economic and social landscapes.

It highlights IRAS' role in assessing and collecting taxes, and its service initiatives and IT developments. It also serves as a testimony to the commitment and dedication shown by staff over the years, and how they have contributed to IRAS' transformation.

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