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It’s time for the Oscar Predictions!

By inSing EditorMovies - 23 February 2011 11:00 AM

It’s time for the Oscar Predictions!

Predicting who walks away with the Oscars at the annual Academy Awards is a calculated science – one that requires a fair bit of research (previous wins included), a nose for the Academy’s taste and, of course, having seen and done your homework on this year’s stable of picks.

This time round, we’ve decided to do all that hard work for you by picking the brains of the very people who excel in that particular science - our resident movie reviewers – Shu Chiang, Hidzir and Rebecca. They have spent hours watching the films, reading up on the filmmakers, and paying close attention to the award circuit. Simply put, these experts are your best shot at winning that office pot of gold.


Best Picture - The King’s Speech or The Social Network


 The King’s Speech


 The Social Network


“12 nominations and a lot recent upswing momentum with its SAG and PGA wins, point the throne in The King’s Speech direction. Helps that it’s genuinely uplifting, elegant and most importantly British - because we all know how much the Academy loves its British period pieces.” - Hidzir


Inception gets my vote for being one of the most intelligent and entertaining commercial productions yet. But The King’s Speechlooks likely to be the most critic-friendly. But whatever happens, I do hope it’s not The Social Network .”  - Beckii


The Social Network win is a certainty if Tom Hooper takes the directing nod for The King’s Speech. If not, it could be that David Fincher takes the directing gong and The King’s Speech gets Best Picture. Either way, the Best Director and Best Picture announcements will be compelling.” – Shu Chiang



Best Director - David Fincher (The Social Network) or Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan)


 The Social Network


Black Swan


“This is a harder category to figure out. Fincher stands a strong chance, but Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) took the Director's Guild Award - a bellwether for this. Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and David O Russell (The Fighter) are mavericks who stand as outsiders, while the Coens have won before.” - Shu Chiang


“Christopher Nolan would have been an obvious (and deserving) winner for this category but since he's been brutally snubbed this year, Fincher seems like the next best thing - especially if The Social Network  doesn't nab Best Picture. It'll also be a perfect opportunity for the folks at the academy to earn some hip-cred.” - Beckii


“The guy who should win is Christopher Nolan for Inception. In lieu of his utterly baffling exclusion, I’m going with Darren Aronofsky. Black Swan was a taut directorial masterpiece while The Social Network was more writer Aaron Sorkin’s baby than it was Fincher’s.” – Hidzir



Best Actor - Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)


This is a role tailor-made for Oscar success. Colin Firth has come close before, is respected as an actor and this is the perfect time for voters to give him the little gold man. Bardem and Bridges (who would join rare company if he wins a second consecutive Oscar) are equally deserving, but their past wins doom them. Sorry, James Franco.” – Shu Chiang


It's criminal Ryan Gosling didn't get a nod for Blue Valentine, though it's really Firth's time to shine - having been denied a statuette last year despite his heart wrenching portrayal in A Single Man. That aside, the fangirl in me secretly wants James Franco to get on that stage.” – Beckii


“I’m still upset over Firth’s A Single Man snub last year in favour of Jeff Bridges so it’s only fair that Firth gets it over The Dude this year. Besides, have I mentioned how the Academy voters are total Anglophiles?” - Hidzir


Best Actress - Natalie Portman (Black Swan) or Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right)


Natalie Portman


Annette Bening (left)


“Miss Portman is a popular figure in Hollywood, although many women will hate her for pushing 30, but looking 13. Her SAG, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards all point to a consensus win here. Tough luck for Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right) and newcomer of the year Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone).” – Shu Chiang


“This is Portman’s to lose. Every single award show precursor from BAFTA to SAG to the Golden Globes has unanimously christened Natalie as the best this year and deservedly so.” - Hidzir


Every other (male) person I know seems to be rooting for Portman, however there's just something about Benning's performance that will rock you. Her nuanced take in The Kids Are All Right is not simply well rehearsed but well-played in mind and spirit.” – Beckii


Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale (The Fighter)


“His turn as jaunty junkie Dicky in The Fighter is a tour de force showing that renders the rest in his field irrelevant. Bale’s win is pretty much the only slam dunk in this season’s spread” - Hidzir


“Like Firth, Bale should be getting ready in line & dusting his shoes to collect this award.” - Beckii


“Because Oscar voters will note that Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech) has already gotten his golden statuette, and Jeremy Renner (The Town) is yesterday's news. I have a soft spot for Mark Ruffalo, a consistent and reliable actor, but Bale wins - if only to allow me to proclaim "#$%^ Well, good for you! GOOD FOR YOU! @)*I("” – Shu Chiang



Christian Bale (The Fighter)


Melissa Leo (The Fighter)


Best Supporting Actress – Melissa Leo ( The Fighter ) or Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom)


“Leo is a tour de force with her once-in-a-lifetime performance. Amy Adams (The Fighter) may be well-liked, and there are feel-good stories for Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) - Helena Bonham Carter (The King'sSpeech) is just too weird - but Leo is a shoo-in for this.”- Shu Chiang


“Leo is 20 different shades of greatness in The Fighter . Enough said.” - Beckii


“A very tight category so this is a toss-up but I’m going with my heart and rooting for Jacki Weaver. It’s a dark horse pick because Animal Kingdom is a little-seen Aussie indie but her performance as a ruthless matriarch gave me goosebumps.” - Hidzir