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Jack Huston to resurrect 'The Crow'

By AFP RelaxNewsMovies - 25 March 2015 11:00 AM | Updated 11:00 AM

Jack Huston to resurrect 'The Crow'

The British actor known for his role on 'Boardwalk Empire' has boarded the remake of 'The Crow', which is due to enter production before the end of this year. The sixth actor attached to the project since it was announced in 2008, will Jack Huston succeed in reviving the comics franchise?

For seven years now, Hollywood producers have had their eye on the story of Eric Draven, aka The Crow, a murdered rock guitarist who returns from the grave to seek revenge. Adapted from the comic by James O'Barr, the first film, directed by Alex Proyas, became a cult classic, in part due to the death of its lead actor, Brandon Lee, during filming. Since then, 'The Crow' has come to be seen as cursed, and the difficulties encountered by the remake are only confirming this reputation.

Six different actors have been attached to the remake since 2008, whether through rumors or confirmed deals. Mark Wahlberg was among the names mentioned in the Hollywood trades in October 2010. Six months later, Bradley Cooper entered talks for the role. A two-year standstill followed, but 'The Crow' returned to the news in February 2013 with the arrival of 'X-Men' actor James McAvoy, followed by that of Tom Hiddleston two months later. By May, however, Hiddleston had been replaced by Luke Evans ('Fast & Furious 6 & 7'), who was attached to play the gothic character until he backed out in January 2015.

The latest reports place Jack Huston in the role of Eric Draven under director Corin Hardy. The helmer is the latest attached to the remake after McAvoy, Stephen Norrington ('The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'), Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ('28 Weeks Later') and F. Javier Gutierrez.

'The Crow' is expected to enter production later this year, after Huston wraps on the set of another Hollywood remake, 'Ben-Hur', in which he plays the lead. Of course, nothing guarantees things won't change before then, particularly with this project.