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Jackie Chan's son hit with China drug charge: state media

By AFPMovies - 23 December 2014 1:25 PM | Updated 3:51 PM

Jackie Chan's son hit with China drug charge: state media

The son of gongfu star Jackie Chan has been charged with providing a venue for others to use drugs, the state Xinhua news agency reported Monday 22 December, citing prosecutors.

Jaycee Chan, who like his father has worked as an actor and singer, was detained in August after police said they found 100g of marijuana in his Beijing home.

Prosecutors will now take the evidence against Chan to a court, which can still decide whether or not to accept the case. Prosecutors had no information on the latest development on their website late Monday.

The younger Chan and Ko Chen-tung, a Taiwanese actor also known as Kai Ko, both tested positive for marijuana, according to Xinhua.

Chan has featured in several films but has not so far won the acclaim earned by his father, one of Asia's best-known actors with a string of Hollywood hits to his name.

Shortly after his son's detention, Chan's father said in a post on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo service that he is "extremely angry and extremely shocked".

"As a public figure, I am ashamed. As a father I feel terrible," he said in August.

China launches periodic crackdowns on illegal drug use, which in the past have involved arresting celebrities.

At least 10 locally known stars have been detained on drug-related charges this year, state-run media have said.